Wired: Meet Aryane Goulart


Age: 21

Major: Publicity and Advertisement

Year: 3rd

Favorite color: Green

Favorite movie: In Time, with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried

Favorite song at the moment: Relicário, by Cássia Eller and Nando Reis

Favorite food: Shrimp risotto

Do you have any siblings? I have two! A sister and a brother. Today our relationship is great, growing up helped us to get along better.

Why do you study Publicity and Ad? I chose Publicity when I began to interact more with my brother and enjoyed seeing what he used to do - he promoted events then. He told me in what major he had graduated, which was also Publicity, and I began researching what else I could do in this career. That was when I fell in love with the profession.

And why Cásper? When I became interested in the course of Publicity, I researched for the best colleges and Cásper was among them. Because I didn’t know it, I asked a friend who graduated in Publicity and he also told me about Cásper.

What would you never do in this profession? Submit myself to low-cost jobs, what would also harm all of the other professionals and colleagues.

Do you have any funny story? My cousins and I ​​once got lost in a forest, in the city of Mairiporã, when we were younger. It took some work for my uncle to find us. After some time, the whole situation made some good laughs.

Can you tell me a quality and a flaw of yours? Optimism and good humour, but I have terrible anxiety.

And a fear? Having any serious illness, such as cancer.

Now, something curious about you. I love watching football, regardless of the team.

How do you imagine yourself in ten years? Professionally satisfied, with financial stability and a child!