Why We Should Adopt And Not Buy Our Pets

Probably everyone who likes animals have already thought about buying the cute little puppy that was behind the showcase of the pet shop. It's hard to resist the shining eyes, the super-soft fur, and the charm of a puppy or baby kitten. However, behind all this cuteness is a very cruel market.

The mother of this babies is probably confined to a tiny and dirty cage, is encouraged to mate all the time, and haven’t had medical care during her life. Because of this, she can develop diseases and their babies can be born with an already fragile health. It’s sad, isn’t it? Even more disappointing is thinking that this pet factory is stimulated by ourselves: humans.

To prevent more animals from being subjected to these conditions, what about adopting an animal? There are dogs and cats of different ages, colors, fur and behaviors waiting for a new home.

Here are some tips for you to follow when adopting your next pet.

1. Measure the space in your house

Image Source: Pexels​

Space is one of the main points to think about before adopting an animal. If you live in a little apartment, adopting a big dog is not the best option, for example. Big pets require more room to expend their energies running. In such cases, the ideal is to adopt a kitten or a little dog. Now, people who lives in a large house with a spacious yard can think about adopting a big pet.

2. Search for NGOs, shelters and animal protectors

Image Source: Pexels​

If you don’t know anyone who is donating puppies, you can look for NGOs, shelters and animal protectors. There you will find animals of different types, colors, sizes and ages. In addition, you can count on the people who take care of the place to indicate which pet is more appropriate according to your lifestyle and the available space you have. For example, an agitated dog may not be a good choice if you are a quieter person.

3. Prepare your home for the arrival of the new friend

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Before adopting a pet, research the expenses and activities you will need to do with your new friend. vaccines, ration, walks, time to walk. All of this is important and cannot be left out. If the financial situation is not so good now, maybe you'd better wait. Pets are almost like kids - to be well cared for, you need a considerable money to come out of your piggy bank.

Remember: you can’t buy friends. Adopt pets!