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Everyone is talking about the reality show Fazenda 12. Leading the trending topics on Twitter, the show has already become a topic of discussion in a circle of friends and even a family lunch. The new edition brought together some anonymous personalities and other celebrities already known to the public, including Mc Mirella, the singer Mariano and the highly acclaimed Jojo Todynho, a singer who became famous in 2018 with the hit song “Que Tiro Foi Esse”.

Who is Jojo Todynho in the game?

The 23-year-old woman from Rio de Janeiro was on the spotlight even before entering the reality show, as soon as the list of confirmed participants was aired, viewers already created high expectations about what was to come. And without disappointing them, since the debut, with her strong personality and sincerity, Jojo has been present in the game and has made us happy at home, whether in discussions or in fun moments between the other participants. But, one thing about the participant is a fact: you either love Jojo or hate her.

All of these factors make her one of the stars of the show and a strong competitor to win the prize worth R $ 1.5 million. With the declared support of some famous people, such as Maisa, Larissa Manoela, Neymar and Anitta, the participant continues to grow and conquer several fans throughout Brazil.

But, after all, what makes Jojo Todynho the protagonist of Fazenda 12?


 It’s impossible to talk about Jojo without remembering the phrase “A hit is a hit, my music played in Saudi Arabia, love”. There is no denying that she’s a human meme factory, outside of reality the singer already collected several unforgettable moments on her social networks and participation in programs, and of course that in a live show it would be no different. Each close-up of the camera, speech, facial expression and gesture is an opportunity for the twitterers on duty to make several threads and memes that represent some real situations in the Brazilian life, because, after all, if there is one thing that Jojo knows how to do well, it’s to be Brazilian and generate the entertainment that we love so much.

The participant is already considered by the Internet users as the “new Fleabag”, the comparison with the protagonist of the Fleabag series was made after Jojo broke the fourth wall and took a quick look at the camera, her expression was iconic and soon was all over the internet. And some say that the participant has all the potential necessary to take the post of the queen of memes Gretchen, this is only possible because of her naturalness, spontaneity and good humor. She is not afraid to express herself and be true, since the beginning it was already possible to realize that Jojo came into the house to be a 100% herself!

 Friendship and lots of fighting

“If you want peace, amen. If you want war, you tell me” maybe it’s  one of the most remarkable catchwords of A Fazenda 12, being said by nobody else other than Jojo Todynho in a discussion with the participants right after the formation of a “farm”. Although most of the time she tries to appease the house and doesn’t always take sides in the countless fights that happen, she is the type of person that says “don’t step on my toes”, but you can be sure that when that happens, Jojo doesn’t hold it back. The participant knows how to impose herself and scold others without fear of what they will think, does not support false friends and is always willing to fight when she sees a friend being harmed unfairly. In fact, she can’t hide her dissatisfaction when something bothers her.

And speaking of friendship, another very important point that has made the public admire the girl are the bonds of friendship that she created in the show. Jojo has shown to be a faithful and extremely careful friend with Mateus, Mariano and mainly with Raissa, a participant who has Borderline syndrome. In all her crises, she was beside her friend, calming and advising her. In addition, viewers were also surprised by the affinity that Jojo and Lipe created, a friendship that had everything to go wrong, but which is being one of the most beautiful and fun.


In a conversation with other participants, Jojo stated: “I worked as a popsicle seller, as a companion for the elderly, I also worked as a maid, I never denied work. I was always willing to support myself. Yes, I didn’t receive a lot, I did have a hard time, but I survived and I’m here”. There is no denying that the presence of the singer in the show represents a lot for a large part of the Brazilian population.

As Jojo herself says, she is out of the standards, a fat, black woman of poor origin who is very proud of her story and the person she has become. Because she has a strong personality and is someone who knows how to be present, she sometimes ends up being misinterpreted and dividing opinions from the public, but we know that it’s those details that make her stand out and be so different from the other participants. Without a doubt, many viewers identify with her, it’s really important to have the presence of influential people like Jojo in tv shows, so that others feel inspired and can believe in a life change as significant as hers!

Like it or not, Jojo Todynho is the main protagonist of this edition. The participant has gained over a million followers on Instagram since entering the house and continues in the competition as one of the favorites. So, do you agree that the participant has chances of taking the prize of R $ 1.5 million? Let’s stay tuned, because there is still a lot to come!


The article above was edited by Amanda Ardigó and translated by Giovanna Favero.

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