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What to expect from the Brazilian production of Beetlejuice?

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The Broadway’s blockbuster Beetlejuice debuted in Brazil, and had its opening night in Rio de Janeiro last week. The producers and the cast said that we can wait for a lot of surprises.

What is Beetlejuice? 

Beetlejuice: The Musical. The Musical. The Musical is based on Tim Burton’s movie, Beetlejuice, and its immediate success in the eighties. Thirty years later, the movie debuted on Broadway’s stages, bringing a big blockbuster, and in 2019 was nominated for the Tony Awards.  

It tells the story of Lydia, a teenager whose whole life changes when she meets a recently deceased couple and a demon who wears striped suits. The musical is a huge success worldwide and the public that has already watched it was possessed. Or would I rather say: obsessed. 

Where and when? 

Directed by Tadeu Aguiar and with the general production by Renata Borges Pimenta, this amazing musical comedy had its opening night on October 5th, in Rio de Janeiro at the theater of Cidade das Artes Bibi Ferreira, the largest cultural complex in Latin America, and it is coming to São Paulo in 2024.  


Talking about the costumes made by Ney Madeira e Dani Vidal. Only by looking at  pictures, we can tell that the clothing is really close to the Broadway ones, but with some differences. 

Lydia’s original dress on Broadway is tighter to the body and shorter, unlike the one in Brazil, which appears heavier and longer, with puffed sleeves. And on the Beetlejuice costume, we can see a lot of inspiration coming from the film’s original one because it is “simpler” and more classic, the Broadway’s is a little bit more exaggerated and with more stripes and overlaps.  

What to expect, afterall?   

The musical is certainly full of jump scares and surprises, but the Brazilian touch is a plus. Here in Brazil, we have big names in the cast: the comedian actor Eduardo Sterblitch as Beetlejuice and Lara Suleiman as Lydia. Knowing the play’s enormous success in various corners of the world, in Brazil it will be no different. Let’s wait and see what the public says, but for now, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bee…tter don’t say his name three times. 


The article above was edited by Isadora Restiffe.

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