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What To Expect From Björk’s New Album ‘Fossora’

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Björk’s new album entitled “Fossora” – which is the feminine of “fossore”, meaning “she who digs”, comes out September 30th, and is her 10th album. Described as “biological techno”, the mushroom-themed record has left fans from all over the world eager to follow her through this new journey. After having revolutionized 21st century music with albums like “Post”, “Homogenic” and “Vespertine”, the Icelandic singer is ready to show us a different side of herself. 

Her last album Utopia (2017), produced by Arca, was a soft and quiet vision of paradise, while Fossora pledges to be more dramatic and experimental. Björk said that “each album always starts with a feeling she tries to shape into sound”, and this time that feeling is “digging her feet in the ground.”


Three singles have been released so far: “Atopos”, the lead single in which she mixes bass clarinet honks, powerful vocals, and reggaeton beats, “Ovule”, a poetic and hypnotic love track, and “Ancestress”, an open letter to her mother, Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir, who passed away in 2018. Many fans noticed a resemblance between these tracks and her album Volta (2007) because of its energetic and futuristic sonority, which only set higher expectations for the singer’s 10th album. Three new music videos – one for each track, were also released, with strange, mesmerizing, and fun visuals. 

For the third single “Ancestress”, Björk made a seven-minute-long music video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, portraying how she believes funerals should be held. Written shortly after her mother’s death four years ago, she tried to tell the story from her point of view. The track features beautifully arranged contributions by Björk’s son, Sindri Eldon, who also had a close relationship with his grandmother.


If you’re a fan of Björk and her work, you should expect great things from Fossora. The Icelandic songwriter has been working on this album since before the pandemic, and it may be one of the most electrifying albums of her career. By creating a new word and making it the album’s title, she’s also creating a new feeling, and we’re all looking forward to feeling it.

Along with her singles, Björk has also released a podcast in which she talks about her previous albums


This article was edited by Carolina Azevedo.

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