Weather Forecast: A Frost Of Winter Delights

We are finally having the coldest days of the year and with the arrival of winter we can already follow the fights between winter versus summer, the memes and complaint about the cold. But winter has its advantages and some things get even more delicious when done at this time of year. So we separate some things that are the face of winter for you, even if you love the beach and are not adept the low temperatures, enjoy this season that is approaching.

  1. 1. Hot Drinks

    There is nothing better than hot chocolate or tea at the end of a cold afternoon. Hot drinks are the face of winter and can enhance the mood of anyone, plus the cafes around town tend to be great little nooks to spend a few hours fleeing the cold wind.

    And this combo can get even better if accompanied by a good book or in the case of hot chocolate, whipped cream.

  2. 2. Sleeping with lots of covers

    Sleeping for sure is the best thing to do during the winter, the chill that is prone to get under the covers that hug us, it can be one, two or as many as you like, it will hardly feel hot. During the winter people usually have less disposition in addition, with the low temperature the quality of the sleep gets better, so enjoy that time to enjoy a nap whenever possible.

  3. 3. Cozy or stylish clothes

    There are those who disagree with the famous phrase "in winter people look more beautiful". But don’t deny that the winter clothes are a spectacle: coats, overcoats, boots, not to mention the accessories like scarves and caps that make the look even more charming. And for those who do not like these productions we still have the option of wearing sweats every day, which is undoubtedly the warmest clothing there is.

    In addition to all these advantages in clothing, it is in winter that our skin becomes less oily and with this tends to have a lower index of pimples, so yes, people look more beautiful in the winter.

  4. 4. Watching TV Undercover

    This is another hit duo, film and blanket, there is nothing sweeter to do on a winter afternoon. Enjoy the weather that is not very inviting to the rides and do marathon of your favorite series or see a good movie is the ideal choice to pass the time, all this can even improve if you add a hot chocolate and popcorn.

  5. 5. Soup, broth and fondue

    You may be from the team "soup is not dinner", but I doubt you will not find it hot to take a hot soup over the winter. In addition we have a marvel called fondue, you can eat all year round but in winter it has a special taste, especially the cheese fondue with bread and a good wine.

  6. 6. Hot bath

    Dermatologists shouldn't listen to us but taking a hot bath to relax after a tiring day is the 7th wonder of the world, but you will hardly be able to do it during the summer so when winter comes the perfect time for hot baths or to take care of more of the skin that can become dry.

  7. 7. Staying in the sun

    This may seem like a betrayal of the cold, but it is a delight to feel the sun beat on our faces and warm our bodies while we are covered in clothes and the wind accompanies this moment. The best of all this is to enjoy the sun without melting and especially without worrying about sweat.

  8. 8. Walking in the mountains

    The cold weather, the gray and foggy days make the mountain even more beautiful. The cities that usually cool even more, such as Campos do Jordão and São Roque carry a special charm for this time of year so the tour is a must.

  9. 9. Festa Junina

    This is a bonus that winter brings us, the typical northeastern parties are perfect for the cold weather, the fire, warmth and the boot on the feet show how perfectly it all blends perfectly. And how not to love June parties? If in the summer we have the carnival, in the winter the arraiais take care of the city.

We hope you enjoy the season!