We Know the TV Show You Are Watching Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Capricorn - Billions

Three words: Finance, Wall Street and Paul Giamatti. The show is basically a TV version of Wall Street, the movie, with an incredible cast and plot.

Aquarius - Westworld

As an aquarius you enjoy different and complex ideas, so believe me when I tell you that WestWorld has all that. It has a Jurrasic World vibe, mixed with Ex-Machine and strategy games. If you are tired of Game of Thrones and wish something more cerebral, that it the right choice.

Pisces - Shadowhunters

Mistery, fantasy and supernatural creatures are definitely in your zone. With an appealing storyline, Shadowhunters - based on Cassandra Clare's books - is intriguing and has likeable characters.

Aries - The Originals

Just like Klaus you are proud and know what has to be done in order to get the job finished. 

Taurus - Reign

French Monarchy, Sieges, Elizabeth the 1st, a bit of romance and historical drama - along with tons of political intrigue. 

Gemini - Agents of Shield

You like action, plot and diversity. Agents of Shield has the best Marvel characters can offer with amazing characters (Fitzsimmons <3) and special agents. 

Cancer - Grey's Anatomy

Drama, saving people's lifes, emotional intensity and passionate characters. It has been more than 12 season, but you are completely loyal to Meredith.

Leo - The Crown

Queen Elizabeth and royal drama, of course.

Virgo - Designated Survivor

Political intrigue, a terrorist attack to be solve, the president of the US, what else? Clues.

Libra - Gilmore Girls

You are classy, super smart and enjoy a good talk, so spending time with the extra clever puns and lines of Lorelei Gilmore doesn't sound too bad.

Scorpio - Black Mirror

All your friends are aware of your controversial and conspiratory theories about technology

Sagitarius - Stranger Things

A little awkward, but super captivating and adorable, that is both you and Stranger Things.