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The Video Girl: Meet Laís Souza Lima

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Name: Laís Souza Lima Santos Silva                                               Age: 24

Major: Radio, TV and Internet                                                          Year: 2016 (Senior)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn                                                                    Hometown: Camanducaia/MG

A color: Blue                                                                                     Favorite food: Cheese                                 

Favorite movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel                                     Favorite TV show: House, M.D

A song: FlashedJunkMind by Milky Chance         

A book: Spilt Milk by Chico Buarque

A dream and a fear: Dream: To travel around the world. / Fear: To not be able to do what she loves.

Favorite YouTube channel (besides hers): Maspoxavida (PC Siqueira)

A quote: “Being, not doing.”

Why do you study Radio, Television and Internet (RTVI)?

After attending an engineering college, I realized I was unhappy. I did some vocational tests and saw that my profile was set to communications. I researched some careers, I found RTVI, I liked it and today I am passionate about what I do and what I chose to live.

And why did you choose Cásper Líbero?

I tried to request a direct transfer from the engineering course to RTVI. Some colleges accept this major change without needing another entrance exam. Casper did not, and I found that quite correct indeed. So I waited until the end of the year, in 2013, to take the entrance exam.

You also joined the universe of YouTube channels and became a Youtuber. How did this start?

My friend and I (RTVI colleague), Raquel Loreto, have always enjoyed acting, singing and making jokes in class. We had many ideas and desires – and we met the former video editor of Kéfera, who encouraged us a lot – and then came the AFF Channel. We became part of the YouTube world in May 2015.

Tell us a little bit about your YouTube channel:

Currently the AFF Channel is going through a redesign. I have incorporated the channel into my TCC project (term paper) and now I’m reorganizing and reshaping the frames. We will keep the humor and authenticity to talk about the life of college students who live by themselves, and in another frame, we will talk about sexuality, something that should no longer be considered taboo.

When did you realize that your YouTube channel could become your TCC project (term paper)?

While talking to a teacher who understands a lot about marketing, I mentioned that I wanted to do a simple TCC project that wouldn’t take a lot of my time, since I want to keep working on my personal YouTube channel. Then, he suggested that I could use my own channel as a TCC project, to get used to, to understand my audience behavior and to learn how to develop an internet business.

What’s the best part of being a Youtuber?

I think the best part of it is when my friends and colleagues ask me to post more videos. Realizing that people like something that you do is cool and it motivates you to continue improving.

How does it feel to talk to a camera and at the same time think you’re talking to hundreds of people?

Actually, I see the camera as a reflection of myself. I really like to have fun, to show my ideas and opinions on social networks, always with humor and spontaneity. People usually like it and interact with me. So I do the same thing on the channel, with the difference of a bigger audience and responsibility.

What was the best experience you’ve ever had because of YouTube?

It was talking  about YouTube at the 10th Audio Visual Week (SAV) of Cásper Líbero University along with famous Youtubers. Being able to speak a little bit about my experience to the students, who study there with me, was also very gratifying and I was very happy.

If you could invite an artist to your channel (famous or not), who would it be?

JoutJout (JoutJoutPrazer Channel)

How do you imagine yourself in ten years?

Working with video production, financially stabilized and traveling a lot.

What tips would you give to someone who wants to start a YouTube channel?

Never feel ashamed of what others will think of you. Criticism or praise cannot define your dream to have a channel. We can only improve if we know what we’re doing wrong, and for this, you’ll need to start from somewhere. And the focus is always content: what do you want to show?


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