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Victoria’s Secret 2023 Review: Is it still a Victoria’s Secret Show?

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Victoria´s Angels are back and this time with diverse bodies. However, the type of the show was completely different, which upset the public who had been waiting 4 years for it. 

The Tour´23

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been happening since 1995 and quickly became one of the biggest televised fashion shows. However, with the rise of the #Metoo movement and social change, the 2019 edition was canceled, after suffering severe criticism. Allegedly, the lack of diversity of color and shape on the runway was not something that they planned to change anytime soon. In 2023, the brand made a wanted comeback.

The comeback

With the nostalgia of Tumbler 2014 rising, the younger generation that didn’t experience the show at its higher point and could only look back at the aesthetic of the Angels was very excited about this comeback. With the promise of body diversity, different ethnicities, and a reimagined version of the old VS Fashion Show, the brand launched Victoria’s Secret: The Tour ‘23

Introduction video of Victoria´s Secret The Tour´23

This new idea of a Victoria’s Secret Show had the features of artists of Bogotá, Lagos, London, and Tokyo, and had much more of an artistic side. The 90-minute film looks like an underground movie, it’s artistically beautiful and contains great designers who made gorgeous collections. 

The diversity was majorly added and the body exclusivity was finally gone, however, the film was completely different from the other VS Fashion Shows, without the colorful glittery aesthetic of the lingerie robes, the gigantic extravagant wings, and the fun music it can’t be seen a remain of Victoria’s Secret at all. This part of the show was missed by the younger generations that didn’t live the heydays of Victoria’s Secret

The ‘23 Show is not a bad documentary, it is just not “The” Victoria’s Secret spirit. 

Victoria’s Fashion Show

Throughout the years the main idea of the shows was to make women feel great in their power, yet how can women feel represented when there is only one type of woman on the stage?  After all the first idea of the brand was equivocated when you think about and all it needed was a representation of different body shapes and colors on the runway.

Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show The Tour´23

It was genuine?

By changing so much of the essence of Victoria’s Secret the audience asks itself if the representation was genuine. The brand was trying so hard to represent all women of all perspectives and places, that made the film almost seem false, like they were only doing this for the money and views.

Unfortunately, this is very much true when you think about the big capitalist market; every single brand needs to adapt, and that is a great thing since it gives a lot of people more opportunities for jobs and representation, but we all know that on the inside the big brands are just interested in money, so we do have to take the good part out of it don’t we?

Is it missing an aesthetic or is prejudice?

The fans of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show were upset about the new type of show they got, but that was not the only complaint, some of the audience decided to send hateful and unpleasant comments about the runway due to the diversity of bodies; saying that “insecure people mess up great things” is a discriminating comment that must be ignored. Diversity is the best thing that happened to VS Fashion Shows and it must be kept so everyone feels included in the fashion world.


The article above was edited by Julia Tortoriello.

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