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These Were The 7 Trending Costumes At The 2018 Brazilian Carnival

Whether your carnival is jumping on a beach, at a party, or enjoying a street block, costumes always make it fun! Here are some inspirations for you to enjoy - and the 7 trending costumes at this year Brazilian carnival.

Trending Carnival Costumes

1. Unicorn

Image source: Instagram/Samambaia

With a pink tulle skirt, rainbow or any color of your choice + a tiara with a horn and cute ears well decorated, you can become the most cute unicorn of the street!

2. Mermaid

Image source: Instagram/laisgoch and RioEtc

A lot of paetê, blue colors, pearls, shells and glitter and you become the most beautiful mermaid of the carnival!

3. Wonder Woman 

Image source: ABC de Beleza and Instagram/aninhabonilha

With a blue skirt and a body with the Wonder Woman symbol, you can copy this girl power costume!

4. Fruits

Image source: Pinterest 

And why not be a colorful pineapple for the carnival? With a T-shirt + yellow skirt and a head piece of leaves you inspire yourself to be a colorful fruit!

5. Lifeguard 

Image source: Instagram/gabrielamag_ and Me Conta Tudo Amiga!

With a red swimsuit and a whistle you can save your carnival!

6. Carmen Miranda 

Image source: Intagram/Samambaia

With a very flashy head piece + a set of blouse and skirt with lots of flowers, you can become this Brazilian symbol!

7. Clown 

Image source: RioEtc

And how about mixing the most colorful pieces of your wardrobe and putting on a fun clown costume?

With all these beautiful costumes, it will be very difficult for you not to look beautiful in this carnival! 

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