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These 5 historical costumers influencers you need to know

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We all know some fashion influencers, right? And we also know people who are passionate about historical periods. But do you know that there are influencers who combine these two passions? In this article, you’ll find out some of these incredible and singular fashion creators.

1. Ivy (the sewlo artist)

Ivy is an American fashion creator who shares her custom designed Victorian and Edwardian costumes on Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube and, last but not least, in her blog. Ivy shares not only outfit ideas but also DIY tutorials, facts about those periods and get ready with me type videos. If you are a fashion and a victorian or edwardian enthusiast you should definitely check her content!

Jarvis (@jarvali)

He is an Australian model who has already worked for Pandora — but that is not why you should follow him. He has way more than just a cute face to show! Even with a crazy model routine, Jarvis finds time to share some fashion inspirations. He became famous on Tik Tok because of his unique way to style his own clothes, with outfits inspired by the 1920’s, 70’s, 1700’s and many other centuries and decades. Jarvis travels through different periods in his videos almost like he is a time traveler. 


pov: you’re immortal

♬ original sound – Jarvis

Alicia Vellante (@aliciavellante)

Born in a small town in Massachusetts and with Twiggy, Sharon Tate and Pattie Boyd as inspirations, Alicia is an unconventional fashion creator. She is a master student in dress and textile histories so in her Tik Tok you won’t find only fun videos with Fleetwood Mac songs but also facts about fashion history, tutorials and of course a bunch of content about the 60s and the 70s.

Vi  (@vi.vietphuc)

Vi is a fashion creator who makes content about historical vietnamese clothing and beauty. She not only shares the clothes but also their meanings and history and the same with the beauty content. She has a playlist on Tik Tok called “What I’d Wear If” where she chooses a theme and dresses historical clothes following it, amazing right?

Asta Darling (@asta.darling)

Asta Darling was born in Memphis but raised in Singapore. She grew up cosplaying and she still does nowadays but that’s not the reason behind her almost 3 million followers on Tik Tok. Asta has a late 1800’ early 1900’ style. When she is not cosplaying she does a lot of fashion content. One of those is the get ready with me, layers explained in those videos she explains how many layers women used to wear in which period and the function behind every single one.

A special thing about Asta is that even when she is cosplaying she tries to put some historical references in it. 


Replying to @twisted_ragdoll1993 my 20s dresses are from @babeyond I’m going to a 20s party and want to go as a princess! Help me decide which to wear 🥹🥹 🍎 Snow White 🎃 Cinderella 🌹 Belle AD

♬ original sound – 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️🤙🏼

Fashion customers’ historical influencers are a group of fashion content creators that everybody should follow. You checked in this article only 5 of them but this niche of content has so many talents and unique creators! It is the cat’s pajamas of fashion and historic lovers, as people used to say in the 20’s, the coolest. 

The article above was edited by Fernanda Miki Tsuksase.
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