Is There Something We Can Still Do to Help the Amazon Rainforest?

A large source of water, forests, fauna and vegetation. Amazônia has all of that and more, or at least used to have. Over the latest days, news about a big fire at Amazônia started to blow up. News of the entire world were focusing in what’s going on at the forest, and its problems that could cause to everyone. It achieves a global level with a lot of celebrities talking about it and creating campaigns. 

Data from IPAM, shows that the ten municipals that had more fire focus in 2019 are also the ones that had the biggest deforestation rates.

Eliz Tessinari, from the Instagram @sosamazonia, tell us that SOS Amazonia understands deforestation and the big fires as being a consequence of the new Brazilian government position about environmental politics to the country. Eliz also emphasizes that if the recent practices continue to happen like deforestation, non creation of protected areas, non law enforcement, and other practices that are typical of “business-as-usual” scenario the results will be catastrophic. 

The technical director of SOS Amazonia shows his position: “Brazil is watching a series of intentions of an economic development politics with huge environmental prejudices. An example is the lack of government interest for continuity of the main national instrument to actions of prevention, ministration, and a fight against deforestation. The results of ten years of existence of Fundo Amazônia makes clear, this fundamental support to promote the sustainable development of Amazonia region. The reports are available to any citizen access, the resources are executed very carefully and responsibility. So why they don't want to invest at Amazonia?”

SOS Amazonia also presents four things we can do to help Amazonia even being far away:

1. Conscious consumption

Studies show that extensive cattle raising is the mainly cause of deforestation, gas emission and hydric crisis. So, stop eating - or even reducing the consumption of - meat is a big step to help Amazônia.

2. Be aware and make mobilizations

Do it on social medias to attract more and more people to the cause.

3. To strengthen the projects made for Amazonia

Some projects, like SOS Amazônia, can help the forest by collecting funds.

4. Make environmental activism

The forest needs our help, we have to make national manifestations to achieve as much people as possible.