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“The Strokes” Are Back On Lollapalooza Brazil: What To Expect

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Formed in 1998, The Strokes is a rock band from the United States that has marked generations since 2000. They carry the weight of having revived the alternative rock scene that was somewhat a little bit out of the picture at the time.

Since then, the band has not stopped releasing albums. Totaling six of them, the last one earned a Grammy in 2021 for Best Rock Album. This is certainly one of the reasons why the fans are so excited about the boys coming back to Brazil. Even with several hits over the years and incredible concerts, they never got to the point of winning a Grammy. We can’t even imagine how the performance of the songs from “The New Abnormal” — the band’s best album, according to many fans and critics — will be.

Lollapalooza Brazil 2022 takes place on March 25th, 26th, and 27th at the Interlagos Circuit, in São Paulo. The band was responsible for closing the first day of the festival on the Budweiser Stage at 9:15 pm. It is worth remembering that it will be one of the first major music festivals in the city, with international bands, after the pandemic.

The Strokes bring in first hand their last album, produced in 2020, “The New Abnormal”. The band was confirmed in the 2020’s event but, due to the pandemic, it was canceled, and Brazilian fans never got to hear the album live. However, many believe that the concert’s setlist will be very nostalgic, for the joy of fans who haven’t seen the band’s last performance in 2017. So, prepare your throat and your feet to scream and jump to songs like “Last Night” and “Reptilia”.

We can still expect the influence of a post-pandemic scenario, which makes many bands and artists have greater energy on stage since they have been away from this life for so long. And the influence of staying so long without going to a concert is not only reflected in the artists: fans surely memorized all the new songs, such as beloved “Bad Decisions”.

After all, what can we expect from the night of the 25th?

  • The presentation of songs from what was considered the best album of the band’s career
  • Songs from the first albums that we haven’t heard live since 2017
  • Perhaps the most lively performance so far in The Strokes’ career
  • Julian Casablancas, with his drunken look, scratching some Portuguese

There was no better way to close the first day of the festival than the band that is the face of Lolla. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be there or in front of your TV, prepare your throat, the band’s t-shirt, and the All-Stars because The Strokes are coming back to Brazil, carrying the same footprint as always — a relaxed vibe where the vocalist always dresses like a drunk millionaire.


The article above was written by Barbara Contini and edited by Julia Bonin.
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