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Know what are the pros and cons of having gel nails

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Recently, some trends from the beginning of the 2000´s are back! And, one of them is the gel nails. Those different nail arts and lip gloss nails are successful in the world of beauty. However, do you know the pros and cons of this technique?

Some doubts come up before doing this type of process, so we set aside some tips about gel extensions for you to understand everything about this process.


First things first, how are those nails made? They are the result of a process that consists of applying an acrylic gel on the natural nail in several layers and curing it under an UV LED lamp.

You are free the desired shape, ranging form square, oval, almond or stiletto, in order to provide the best shape and desired result.


  • Durability: Gel nails tend to last longer than natural nails, lasting up to three weeks or a little longer depending on the growth of the nail. Also, there’s the benefit of Gel nails being more resistant to chipping and breaking than natural ones, making them ideal for people with fragile nails.
  • Aesthetic appearance: Gel nails offer a more polished and shiny appearance than natural nails, providing a more elegant look.
  • Versatility: It is possible to create different styles, colors and designs on gel nails, allowing for a wider variety of customization options.


  • Cost: The process of applying and maintaining gel nails can be more expensive than simply caring for your natural nails. Depending on the technique, prices can range from R$150 to 200 and maintenance from R$60 to 100
  • Damage: Inadequate application and removal of gel nails can damage the surface of the natural nail, leaving it weaker and more susceptible to infection, which can be inconvenient for some people who prefer a simpler nail care routine.
  • UV LED: The use of LED for drying the nails is the most important part of the process to result in durability. However these machines are sources of UV rays that can cause skin cancer, making the use of sunscreen indispensable. So, it is always recommended to aplly it on the back of the hand and between the fingers when getting your nails done.

ARE they WORTH it?

 Duda Oliver, nail designer and lover of gel nails.

“It is important for the client to already know the professional’s work, either through people they know who frequent and recommend it or through divulgation on social networks. In addition, the quality of the product and the professional who will perform the procedure can make all the difference, as these steps can cause mycoses and other infections”

Finally, it is important to remember that gel nails have a wide variety of styles and customization options, which have made them increasingly popular today.

The choice of this procedure varies from person to person and from how they will be applied and maintained. Be it because you have a party, a wedding, a graduation or an important meeting, they are very cool option. And if you have already used them for a long time, it is recommended to leave a space of time of two to three weeks so that the nails to breathe and stay strong.



The article above was edited by Fernanda Miki Tsukase.
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