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The ‘it girls’ of the moment: who are they? Why are we so obsessed with them?

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It girls are the girls who have perfect lives and we like or follow them willing to be inspired by their lifestyle and try to have a similar one. It is important to highlight that it girls are niched influencers – there will be It Girls for literally every single interest. And they were not born as it girls in the first place, people who have the same interests as them made them what they are today. We’ve seen tons of these girls around the internet – me per se, have my interests know that these are the It Girls I’m familiar with –  such as:

Matilda Djerf

This Swedish influencer became famous around 2016 because of her iconic hair, style and aesthetic.
Besides being an it girl, Djerf founded a clothing store called Djerf Avenue and recently announced her own hair care brand, Djerf Avenue Beauty.

Matilda Dadjerf’s Instagram account


Books are still on the hype! 

You’ve probably seen in your FY page on Tiktok a person recommending articles for you to read this week – Elle, please, show this article in your next video! – well, that’s postcardsbyelle or ellereadsomebooks on Instagram!

Besides her FANTASTIC book content, she also has a weekly newsletter in which she talks about life, books (of course), movie recommendations and more!

But why are we so obsessed?

They have the life that we want to have – we do not aspire to be in a nine-to-five job for the rest of our days, we desire pretty and sunny days! We project ourselves into them – and some of us have actually tried it out. As we’ve seen in social media, being an it girl is pretty easy – just taking a selfie and posting it, five minutes later: a million likes.
Actually, they have something that we do not have, to dream and wish in our wildest dreams to have: time. As we just take a random selfie going home and post it, they leave home to take THE selfie. That is their job. Thus, if you do not know how you are not the girl of the moment, maybe you just don’t have the time to be one!


The article above was edited by Giovanna Rodrigues.

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