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The ‘invisible string’ theory and its direct relationship with the Taylor Swift song

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“Isn’t it just so pretty to think all along there was some invisible string tying you to me?”

Being a swiftie or not, you probably already heard these lyrics that make the chorus of the song “Invisible String” from Taylor Swift’s eighth album, Folklore. Throughout the well-thought verses, the singer describes tiny details from her and her boyfriend’s life that led them to find each other at that specific point in time.

 The idea that the universe always has it all planned out for us, which Taylor talks about here, is something many people often use, whether to describe how you found the love of your life or how you landed the perfect job. These concepts of fate and destiny are all a part of the Invisible String Theory. 

What is the Invisible String Theory?

The invisible string theory probably originated from the Red Thread of Fate (or Red Thread of Marriage), a story from a Japanese Ancient Tale. It consists of an invisible red cord tied around the fingers of two people who are destined to meet.

However, like most things nowadays, this belief was made popular with a TikTok trend. After the release of Folklore, content creators were quick to start a new trend using Taylor’s song, showing their partners and highlighting the idea that they were meant to find each other.

Even though it is not scientifically proven and it is more of a metaphorical concept, this theory explains all about fate and soulmates. It is the idea that everyone is attached to someone by this unbreakable invisible string, and we are all only waiting for the universe to introduce us to them.

Although applying it to love and relationships may be the most obvious way to explain it, this theory is not restricted only to this, it can also explain your career choices, the friends you make, experiences you have, among many other things.

What are the pros and cons of the theory?

Like everything in life, believing this theory can cause positive and negative consequences. 

Starting out with the potential benefits, by believing that the universe has a plan for you, the pressure is off, you can let go of the need to control every single aspect of your future, and you understand that not every friendship is going to last forever and not every relationship is going to work. Just relax and trust that your fate is going to turn out great!

zack and bliss get engaged on love is blind

Nevertheless, on the negative side, this theory can cause an over-romanticized way of life and dating. Of course, you can believe in fate, but be careful because you also need to trust in your own decision-making and keep your autonomy alive.

For a word of advice, balance is key. Believe your soulmate is out there while also keeping realistic dating expectations, and trust that everything will be fine, but also think about your choices and prioritize your needs at that moment.

How does Taylor apply the theory in her song?

As we can see, the invisible string theory can be applied to many parts of our lives, but it is mostly referred to when talking about love. With that said, who is better than a hopeless romantic, such as Taylor, to apply this concept in her own romance?

The singer begins the first verse by describing connections between her childhood and her partner’s, such as reading on the grass of Centennial Park and working at a yogurt shop, respectively. 

The second verse begins with “Bad was the blood of the song in the cab on your first trip to LA. You ate at my favorite spot for dinner”. Here, Taylor shows us how she and her lover were always connected even though they had never met, either by him listening to her song on the radio or accidentally going to her favorite restaurant. 

All of these show aspects of the Invisible String Theory, but what makes it more evident that this is what she is talking about is the chorus: “Isn’t it just so pretty to think all along there was some invisible string tying you to me?”. At this point, the artist also questions if there were ever any signs the universe sent her and passed her by. 

“Hell was the journey, but it brought me heaven”. On multiple occasions, Taylor also makes sure to highlight that even the bad points in her life were good because they were the reason she is who she is and why she is now living this beautiful love story. 

With a beautiful wordplay and the use of colors, she sets an image throughout the song applying the Invisible String Theory to her own experience. Starting with how they had two different and separate lives, but somehow they were always connected, and getting to the final point when they finally met, making Taylor realize how all the bad things in her journey had a purpose.


The article above was edited by Giovanna Rodrigues.

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