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Donald Trump, ex-president of the United States, in his pronouncement in the first collective session of the American Congress (2017) acted differently from his normal behavior.

Trump wanted to stop his decreasing popularity, and he knew the best way to do that: giving a speech which would put justice above. Even when giving the first impression of defending something different, he maintained his ordinary issues, such as the Mexico wall, “America first”, and more commitment from allies, but this time he had a softer tone that somehow was able to change the perspective of his leadership. This is one of the many cases where important leaders used speeches to manipulate social opinion, but sometimes this maneuver can “backfire”.   

Showing the other side, we have Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president. In september of 2021, during the 76th UN General Assembly session which was about the answer of the Covid-19 global pandemic, Bolsonaro addressed his concerns to the use of ineffective medications and going against vaccines to prevent/treat the virus. For him and Brazil this was appalling. All of the biggest communication means such as “The New York Times” and “The Guardian” referenced the statement as ‘provocatively embarrassing’ – “The Post”. Brazil’s president still tried to defend the good image of the country but while doing that he kept making the same ideological pronouncement.  

The impacts of a disastrous announcement can reverberate, as well as sometimes stain a country’s reputation

Without measuring the consequences of keeping his pose, Rubens Ricupero, retired ambassador of Itamaraty, believes that this speech can have negative impacts not only in commercial agreements, but with international investors, according to an interview given to the wheat industry union of São Paulo. Outside the economic view, everytime he speaks without manners or with rudeness, the frustration from Brazil’s population gets bigger and so do his oppositors.

Another great example is Boris Johnson. Still while Prime Minister, he used to lose credibility everytime he made an announcement or created a polemic. Even when half of the British asked him to resign, he continued with his plan of action, but he slipped. In november of 2021, during his pronouncement to the British Confederation of Industry in Port of Tyrone, North of England, he got lost between the pages of the script and started rambling about his visit to the Peppa Pig themed park. Before he went off script he muttered “f*ck it” and “apologies” many times. It isn’t even measurable the impact of what he thought to be a funny little anecdote in a serious speech coming from the United Kingdom’s premier. He even tried to convert the situation into making a comparison between the Peppa Pig World and the ideal safe streets and school discipline.  

It is important to think about social apparisons and capacity of public speaking when voting. The impacts of a disastrous announcement can reverberate through places and time, as well as sometimes stain a country’s or a person’s reputation. Social relations is an undermined soft skill that if known how to be used for the good can be a great tool for every person in a position of power. If the leader to be cannot develop a good speaking skill he won’t be a good one, because it’s the tool that connects the people, creates opportunities, motivates and most of all persuades and entertains crowds.


The article above was edited by Giovana Lins Barbosa.
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Rafaela Vazquez

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