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The best season calls for the best series: 5 series that give off autumn vibes

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On March 20th, we’ll be saying goodbye to the summer and welcoming a new season in Brazil – autumn. With the leaf fall and the arrival of the cold breeze set the beginning of the season, many people fall in love with this time of the year. And, due to its comfortable weather and mild temperatures, it’s perfect to enjoy a great time with the TV + blanket combo.

Here are some series that are a perfect match to the autumn vibes, with a slight atmosphere and plots that warms up our hearts. If you’re looking for a story to keep up with this fall, check it out!

Breathe in, folks. Smells like fall.

Taylor Doose – Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is one of those series that gives us that feeling that we belong to the created universe, as we watch the daily life of Rory Gilmore and her mother, Lorelai. With a pinch of humor, they will face family issues, love discoveries, and future uncertainties. In a lot of moments, we can see ourselves in situations that the Gilmore girls are going through. 

Definitely, one of the most classic scenarios of autumn core is Stars Hollow – a small town with a cozy feeling. Getting in touch with their routine probably will give you the comfy vibes that this season claims. Lorelai and Rory might be great company this fall – and, of course, a cup of coffee is a must (sadly, for us, ours cannot be from Luke’s).


This is Us is an excellent portrait of our ordinary lives and family relations. It shows us the Pearson family between generations and how family impacts and acts as safe support in different aspects of life.

While watching the episodes I would recommend grabbing some tissues because it is almost impossible not to feel touched by Pearson’s triplets’ journey and shed some tears. From the beginning of their parent’s relationship, passing through their childhood to different times of their adulthood, the series reflects on how the beauty of life can be found in small events and in people that are near us.

For sure, Kate, Randall, and Kevin would be this fall’s great partners – such as their own familiar circle. Diving into their family routine and memories will be a fun and emotional experience.


If you are a hopeless romantic, Heartstopper is probably the safest choice to enjoy this autumn. Being a faithful adaptation of Alice Oseman’s graphic novel, the plot is focused on the love discoveries of Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. This is the type of series that feels like a comfy hug and makes us believe in real and true love.

The main reason why this series is different from the other hundred love stories is the sweetness. By showing every little step of their relationship , it will blossom a feeling of  enchantment by this young love and how they faced the understanding of different types of love in a heteronormative society – not only with the main couple but with the other storylines in this universe.


A great option of a series that gives us a warm-hearted feeling is Modern Love. In each one of the eight episodes of the first season, one real story about non-conventional love is portrayed – based on articles from the New York Times’s well-known column, Modern Love.

With an amazing cast, it shows us how we can find love – not only romantic – in different scenarios of life, in plural forms, and how people deal with these relationships. So, prepare yourself to feel moved by subjects such as friendship, reconquests, self-love, and maturity.


Based on Sally Rooney’s book, also called Normal People, the series addresses the relationship of the polar opposites – in backgrounds and personalities -, Marianne and Connell. From their last year in

high school to their journey at college, the story focuses on uncertainties of adulthood and the challenge of balancing this with love relations.

It is undeniable the connection between the characters and how they love each other. But, the main point of this show is: real love is not perfect, solely because we are not perfect individuals.

Get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine this fall, transport yourself to Ireland, and reflect on love relationships in real life with Marianne and Connell.

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Hope that these series will make your autumn the nicest time – with a cup of coffee or tea and a blanket. Choose your favorite and get prepared for the best season of the year!


The article above was edited by Beatriz Oliveira.

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