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We all know that July is a period that every country has vacations or at least a break from the school activities. So, nothing better than planning a trip to relax and disconnect a little bit from your busy life. But where to go? All around the globe there are different seasons that you can enjoy.

For example, here in Brazil – where I live- and in whole Latin America is winter, which means places with mountains and a lot of hot chocolate. But on the northern part of the world is summer, so is a good time to visit some beaches and get a tan. 

If you are trying to decide where to go during July, don’t worry, I’m going to help you make up your mind. I’m about to tell some of my experiences on each continent that I have visited, telling their pros and cons during this period of the year, and some ideas of places that I still have to discover. 

Latin America

Latin America is the perfect spot to travel during July if you enjoy cold. Here, is winter, but is not everywhere that you can find snow. For example, in Brazil, during this period of the year, some small towns receive a lot of tourists, specially the ones from south or southeast. People seem to appreciate cozy places, with fireplaces and hot chocolate in the top of the mountains. 

If you want to try all that and still have some adventure, I recommend a town named Monte Verde, in the state of Minas Gerais, where tourists go to enjoy nature, appreciate the cold weather on the top of mountains and still have some fun with ecotourism activities. But to go even further on winter temperatures in Brazil, you can also visit places like “Serra Gaúcha” or Santa Catarina, where you might even see snow! 

But what about the rest of the continent? Brazil is just a small part compared to the rest. During this time of the year I went to Peru, and I must say: I have never felt so cold in my life! So, if you are thinking about visiting the country, be prepared: carry along a warm jacket. It wasn’t snowing, but since the place is located in high altitude, everything was really icy. 

Peru has a lot of amazing places, specially Cusco and Lima, where you can discover the wonders of Inca people and learn more about Latin America culture. Speaking of that, I need to mention Chile and Argentina. I have never been to those countries, but they have places like Patagonia, full of glaciers and rivers. 

The only negative side of traveling to these places in July is that a lot of people do the samel. Of course nothing stops you from going to beaches and tropical spots, it might even be cheaper, but the cold can become a factor that interferes on your decision.  

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North America

Summer! That’s the thing that comes to the head when thinking about North America, especially the USA. I have been to the two most famous hot spots: Miami and California. The first one is directly connected to Orlando, so a lot of people choose to stop by the seaside city on their way to the famous amusement parks. 

For me, there was nothing negative about Miami, just a little bit of traffic, but if you live in a big city is nothing unusual. And I have to say the same thing about California, where Malibu and Santa Monica are some of the favorite spots to check it out. Just one warning: the water is super cold, so if you want to go for a swim, get ready for a thermal shock. 

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Another country that attracts visitors is Mexico. Still with summer vibes, places like Cancun are very wanted. There you can check some of the crystal clear waters from the Caribbean and swim with dolphins. However, this can’t be said about Canada, where low temperatures are considered high ones. So if you are really curious about the country and the only thing that stops you from visiting is the cold, this is the best time to go! 


Very much alike North America, in Europe is also summer. Most people think that hot temperatures on this continent can only be found in countries like Spain or Italy. That’s not true. I went to England during this period of the year and it was really hot! During the day, the sun is always burning up, but at night the wind is a little cold, so if you choose to go there, don’t forget at least one coat. 

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Even though is ok to enjoy summer on the northern countries, the most preferable ones are located in the south. Places like Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and even Germany are the favorite spots for the tourists that want to appreciate heat. It’s important to consider that a lot of people travel thinking about going to beaches and doing some activities on water, so remember: the places you choose to visit might be full with other traveler. But, in my opinion, it’s always worth the experience.

Other Continents

Let me explain why I choose to say “other continents” and not talk about the three of them individually: because I have never visited these places. Africa, Asia and Oceania are just in my dreams, so I decided to tell you about the counties I wish to visit in July’s break. Feel free to stop reading the text, because now I’m talking without visiting the places, so I might be wrong.  

First of all, Africa! I have two countries there that I can’t die without knowing: South Africa and Morocco. The first one is located in the extreme south, so the temperatures might be really cold during July, so if you want to visit the Safaris spreads all over the country, be prepared, because it won’t be easy! The second one is located in the extreme north, therefore, the temperatures are high and you can move around the markets and tents with no cold at all. 

Now, let’s talk about Asia. Very much like Africa, I have trouble to choose just some countries to visit, but my favorite ones would be Japan and China at this time. Both are having summer, so there is no cold and snow is non existent, so you can move around and explore the places more easily. In my opinion, this is the best time to visit Asia. 

And last but not least, Oceania. You should probably know that this continent has the same seasons as Latin America, witch means: it’s winter! One tip then: be prepared for the cold waters of Australia and New Zealand. Of course it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the beaches and the adventures, it’s just a warning to be ready for the cold!

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