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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

“My purpose is to offer a tasty moment with friends, family, or even alone, with a nice and beautiful candy, decorated to the customer’s taste. I believe that food is a very important social factor, which brings not only nutrients, but feelings and affections involved, so I always have that in mind with my sweets.”

Lívia, 23, quit medical school in 2018 to take care of her mental health. In the meantime, in order not to do anything, she decided to start selling brigadeiros, since it was something she liked to do and would generate an income. 

If you want to know a little more about Lívia and her brand, you can check it out here! Now, let’s talk about Sweet Like’s products.

Currently, the best-selling product is decorated cakes. For Lívia, this happens because customers seek to customize the cake with a unique style and this is what she delivers, a cake with the face of each client.

Along with cakes of all sizes, she prepares bentôs cakes with buttercream, gourmet brigadeiros and filled easter eggs, which are part of the special easter menu!

The bentôs are small cakes that come with some comic or special phrase and sometimes even some drawings.

Gourmet Brigadeiros is the good old brigadeiro recipe we know, but with different granulated ingredients and high-quality products. The easter eggs with artisanal fillings are, on the other hand, composed of a chocolate shell and inside, fillings of the most varied kinds, chocolate, cookies cream, carrot cake, and even passion fruit mousse.

On commemorative dates, Lívia invests in a special menu, asking for suggestions through Instagram and thinking about which sweets people consume the most on that date. After preparing the menu, she promotes it in the best way possible, especially on her social media.

All these delights are produced in her kitchen. Besides the production of sweets, she takes photos and videos in her garden. And in commemorative times, she hires a professional photographer to bring better quality to her images.

From the entrepreneur’s view, the main audience of her business is young women looking for customized products, but she is always trying to adapt her products to reach the taste of various customers.

Lívia said she has a great love for baking and everything she does, delivering everything with love, care, and dedication. Always providing the best experience for the client.

If you’ve also got your mouth watering and want to check out more, have a look at Sweet Like’s Instagram and on their menus.

The article above was edited by Beatriz Gatz.
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