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Stranger Things 4: These Are The Songs Who Would Save Me From Vecna

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Stranger Things has been an absolute success ever since its release in 2016. Throughout the years, the show has been reviving a series of 80s songs for the new generation, including The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”, The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” and Limahl’s “Never Ending Story”. But recently, another forgotten song came back to everyone’s ears due to a very important scene in season 4.

In this new chapter of Stranger Things, we are introduced to a brand new creature from the Upside Down: Vecna. He attacks the vulnerable, with past traumas that have marked their lives, just to manipulate their minds and kill them horribly in less than a week by messing with them. But in episode six, “Dear Billy”, we discover that there’s a way to escape Vecna’s fate as Max Mayfield is targeted as his next victim.

After a few minutes with Victor Creel, Vecna’s first victim to survive an attack, Robin and Nancy discover that the key to fighting back is to listen to your favorite song – or at least a song that brings you good memories. That’s how we’re introduced to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”, which has been stuck in everyone’s mind ever since May 27th, 2022.

Because of the iconic scene of Max running away from Vecna along with Bush’s music, the internet has been wondering which songs would be able to help them fight back from the villain’s attack. That includes me, someone who’s been obsessed with music ever since I was a little girl. And after listening to countless playlists, I finally came to my top 5. So friends, if I’m ever lifted in the air with my eyes rolled up, you can always come back here to know how to help me.

Arctic Monkeys – Old Yellow Bricks

The Arctic Monkeys have been my favorite band ever since I discovered them in 2014. After that, I’ve been living my days worshiping their work to everyone I meet. But everything has a beginning, right? And I always think back to the time when I listened to all of their albums to get to know them, but a specific song got easily stuck in my head. “Old Yellow Bricks” not only has an awesome beat that won’t make you stay quiet but also is one of Alex Turner’s best lyrical works. And as I am a big fan of “The Wizard of Oz”, the clear references have been a plus for me. If Vecna ever gets to me, you can bet that I will hear this one and think back to all the good memories I’ve shared with the Monkeys.

Frankie Valli – Grease

My mom has always said to me that “Grease is the 70s’ High School Musical” and I, being a huge HSM fan, rushed to watch the movie as soon as I heard that. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. And lucky enough, many years later when I met my best friend, she was also obsessed with Grease. We have always loved the songs, including our many attempts to create an easy “You’re The One That I Want” choreography. But I always think back to one of our countless sleepovers when our friend said she had never watched the movie in her life. My best friend prompted me to get her DVD so we could watch and the memory of us dancing to Frankie Valli’s “Grease” in the opening titles will always be stuck in my head.

Skank – Mandrake e os Cubanos 

Mom and dad taught me everything I know about music, including classics like Elvis Presley and Britney Spears. But they have always loved Brazilian 80s Rock Bands, to which they still play at every opportunity they have. My dad is a barbecue enthusiast, so he always has our Sunday meals filled with music in the background. But his favorite one is “Mandrake e os Cubanos” from the band Skank. It has always been that one song he sings the loudest. If I need to ground myself back to reality, this song would bring me back to moments with my family.

Selena Gomez – Whiplash

I used to love watching Barney & Friends as a little girl and I always had an odd obsession with the girl in the purple button-up shirt (the one outfit that got stuck on my mind). Years later I would find out that the little girl was Selena Gomez, the singer, and actress I’ve loved ever since Wizards Of Waverly Place became my favorite Disney show. So I have always been connected to Selena, especially through her songs. In 2013/2014, she went touring with her brand new album called “Stars Dance” and I would always try learning the choreographies through YouTube videos from the shows. The one that still is my favorite is “Whiplash”, which was written by The Legendary Miss Britney Spears and performed beautifully by Gomez on the tour. She brings guitars and dancers to give everyone a breathtaking presentation. By listening to this song, I always go back to when times were easier and the only thing I had to worry about was how I was going to perfectly imitate Selena on her tour.

Oasis – Champagne Supernova

Since the song that would save you from Vecna doesn’t necessarily need to be a song that brings back good memories, but one that touches your heart, I couldn’t choose any other than Champagne Supernova by Oasis. The legendary 90s band has always been one of my favorites and I have countless tunes to list here, but this one is very special to me. Not only is it a classic song, but I always think back to how it calms me down every time I need it. So if you haven’t listened to this one yet, lay on your bed, close your eyes, and press play. Oh, and I can bet you that this one would turn my escape from Vecna scene into an iconic one just like Max’s.


The article above was edited by Isadora Noronha Pereira.

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