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Already well known on European street styles through the past fashion seasons, the flatforms are arriving with great expression here in Brazil. And they have gained their space at the closets of many ladies out here, from shoelovers to girls who simply seek to get a few inches taller without crying all day long upon stilettos. An union of the words “flat”, any feminine shoes without heels, and “platforms”, flatforms are exactly what they sound like: platform shoes, without heels.

Platforms first had their boom at the early 30’s, with Salvatore Ferragamo colorful and modern sandals, which still are revisited at the brand’s current collections. After that, the disco era and neon sparkly groovy platforms were essential to any look.  However, the platforms cycle was only finished in the 1990’s with the best Spice Girls’s style, where pretty much every shoe could have a seven inch tall sole. A major hit. I’m sure you remember.

On the other hand, inspired on ballet flats, used only to dance, the flats came up as a delicate accessory on a feminine wardrobe. They made a lot of success at the turn of 50’s to the 60’s. Among one of it’s biggest fan was Audrey Hepburn with her killer beatnik style.

At 2010, the flatforms showed up again for reflecting with perfection the sporty style which was in between 2013 and 2014. Now, with the comeback of the nineties fashion (as seen on Jeremy Scott’s Moschino fashion shows), high heels are put aside and the feminine comfort is taken in consideration when dressing up. Big fashion brands (such as Fendi, Doce & Gabanna, Stella McCartney) brought the flatforms back on the spring/ summer 2015 fashion weeks. This shoe style had already showed up last season (winter in Brazil) and now started to appear at the stores and, most importantly, at the streets.

Perfect to create a cool and different look, the flatform is a style warrantee even in the simplest clothes. Friends with loose pieces, like flare pants and skorts, they are a great alternative to keep the comfort, style and get your height growing.

Since they hardly ever go unnoticed, a good tip for those who are still a bit afraid to dare is to let them get all the attention in your look. Match them with neutral pieces and they’ll make the difference without being too shocking. Besides, choosing closed flatforms such as sneakers and boots might be a good ideia to take away a bit of the attention from the soles, which stand out in open sandals. 

A flatform, amongst other things, is perfect for women who work, study and live on foot. At many times the perfect look is ruined in name of the comfort at public transportations throughout life. That’s not cool. Without mentioning the lack of convenience heels bring with them. In any size, any color and height, flatforms are a new passion that only requires to be found in the perfect style so you can fall madly in love.  

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Casper Libero

Nineteen and majoring in journalism at Casper Libero University. Fashion nerd, pop culture crazy. Loves São Paulo city, where she lives, and specially Paulista Avenue, where she studies and resides. To know more about her, google pisces zodiac sign definition.
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