The Society: When “Riverdale” Meets “Lost”

What would you do if everyone in your town, except your high school friends, disappeared? That's what The Society is all about. The mysterious yet dramatic TV show came out on Netflix on May 10th and it is already driving people crazy.

With 10 episodes, lasting 50 minutes each, the show tells the drastic change that happens in the life of approximately 200 high school students in the city of West Ham. After having an issue with a strong smell, they are sent to a field trip to the mountains, while the adults try to deal with the bad odor. However, after facing weather issues, the students are sent back just to be welcomed by an empty town.

Image Source: IMDb

The Society works with the “obvious” questions that could come in a situation like this: “What about our cellphones?” or “Is there enough food for everyone?” and the list goes on. Some of them may take more chapters than others to be explained, but most of them have logical answers.

Besides that, the show deals with a bunch of polemic topics - most of them being political ones - such as: teen pregnancy, death penalty, democracy, abusive relationships, gun control, drug addiction, depression and many more. That is the reason why if you’re tempted to watch it just because it has that Riverdale kind of vibe, you may be disappointed, because that’s not it.

The Society maybe about the survival of high school students, but it is so much more than just a cliche teen show. Just like Lost, The Society has many references from the book “Lord of the Flies”, written by the Nobel winner, William Golding, meaning that both plots are bit similar if you really look through them. Besides that, the show makes you rethink about every single political opinion you have,even if you think you’re sure about them. And yes, you may have to disagree with your favorite characters decision most of the times, because none of them are perfect, they all have very strong political opinions, which are shown as the conflicts develops.

Image Source: IMDb

Speaking of favorite characters, all of its 12 main characters are completely necessary for the plot, even those you hate to guts. I’m not gonna describe all of them since it’s a long list of characters and they have really specific personalities, but you do have that stereotypical high school division: jocks, outcasts, high school sweethearts etc.

And you have to keep that in mind: The Society is about high school students dealing with creating a new society (obviously). So, there are definitely going to be moments that you can’t help to think: What are they doing? Why are they even partying? But that’s just how the show goes: normal teenagers trying to deal with serious issues for the first time.

The only thing that may be quite uneasy is that the TV show was made for it to have a second season at least, but it has not been confirmed by Netflix yet, so all we can do for now is sit and wait.