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Sense8: Review on a Bold and Confusing 2nd Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

A bold plot can bring some problems, but Sense8 still had a captivating season.

 by Netflix

Sense8’s second season starts as a continuity of the Christmas especial episode and, as we could have imagined, the plot focuses on the sensates running away from Whispers. It’s good to see how the group can control much better their abilities now.

Among the highlights, I can say that now you’ll see a stronger group looking to understand their history and fighting against the corporation who wants to capture them. We also have a lot of great action scenes. Besides that there is a special caring in the development of the personal lives of the main characters, like Nomi and Capheus.   

However, the season has also a lot of problems. First, something that always bothered me – since the first season – is how easily the group can convince the Homo Sapiens (such as Bug, Amanita and Diego) that they are part of a different species that can connect to eight different people at the same time. It’s just like a kid talking  about his imaginary friend to you and you believing it without having any proof of its existence, or someone showing up suddenly saying that they are x-men and your first reaction is: “That’s awesome. Show me your power.” In this new season, perhaps because the plot is much more complex, that problem gets worse. It seems to me that the writers and producers don’t have time to worry about the logic in basic items like this.  

One scene in episode 7 shows Riley connecting to Will with a visibly different makeup in both scenarios; this also makes clear the lapse of the producers. Moreover, it’s good to point out how the Riley and Will drama is overdone, the scenes between them oftentimes are so long, artificial and unnecessary.

On other hand, the chemistry between Kala and Wolfgang works perfectly. At the same time both of them are more mature about their feelings, Kala has discovered her husband’s secret and because of that her marriage has conflicts. Wolfgang gets in trouble by meeting the mysterious Lila Facchini. It all turns the relationship between Kala and Wolfgang into an addicting challenge.

Lito, Hernando and Daniela are responsible for the comic core this season. In the first season Capheus is also a part of it, but now his character takes a much more serious stand, due to his involvement with politics. Without the trio, the show wouldn’t be as great as it is. They’re funny, sentimental, and dramatic; they bring a perfect Mexican soap opera touch to the series.

The last episode shows the union of the sensates for the first time and leaves us with many questions. The final scene had lots of problems, such as how did they all get to London so fast and that crazy plane worked, it’s pretty insane and hard to believe. However, it all took our breath away, captivating the viewer to create an expectation for the upcoming season. If the writers and producers do not get lost in the construction of the plot, we can wait for a good continuation for the series.

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