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#SaveRalph: Understand The Criticism Of Cosmetic Testing On Animals In This Short Film

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

The #SaveRalph pumped in the social networks some days ago. On Instagram the hashtag has already more than 60 thousand posts. This refers to the short film called “Save Ralph”, about how cosmetics, which tests on animals, are creepy.

The criticism, through the ironies, in this short film, made people think about what brands they buy products. In “Save Ralph” shows a bunny- that is blind in one eye and deaf in one ear- called Ralph. The character tells how the life of animals which stays in labs to be testing cosmetics are. 

So, it made people be more concerned about protecting animals and be more aware of NGOs, the vegan movement, and petitions about that. Click here to watch the video. 

The Vegan Movement

The vegan movement is important to help us notice and reflect about it, not just regarding the animal testing, but also about the food we eat. It has been increasing in the last few years, and with this short film, it has given emphasis. 

Animal suffering happens more than we think. The #SaveRalph just showed a little bit of it. In the cosmetic and food industries it happens constantly, but people don’t see it, so it’s harder to  change it. 

Then, the vegan movement fights for people to stop using products and foods which hurt animals, and this short film really showed why vegan people fight for it.

NGOs and petition against animal testing

The short film “Save Ralph” was created to pass the message to the society about the animals suffering and to make people contribute with a petition to save them and stop this cruelty.

The Humane Society – a NGO that confronts cruelty to animals around the world – was the creator of this video and made a petition  about it. The petition has already more than 1 million assinatures, even though it’s still very important to sign it, because every thought counts.

Besides the Humane Society, there are other NGOs against the cruelty to animals that we need to know about, like Mercy for Animals, World Animal Protection and PET (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

You can sign the petition of #SaveRalph by clicking here.

Tips to collaborate with the end of animal cruelty

After watching the short film and knowing all this information, you probably want to collaborate with the end of the cruelty to animals. So, thinking about that, here are some tips to help you with this cause:

– Sign petitions and donate money: you can donate money to NGOs or just sign petitions that will help a lot.
– Share petitions or other things you think can make people think about saving animals.
– Try to consume less meat and fish: if you think you can´t stop eating meat and fish, try to consume less of it. There are many vegetables that are protein options that can replace it, and you contribute for animals not to suffer in food industries.
– Search about products that use animal testing to buy from other brands. To help you, I suggest using the app named “Bunny Free” or the app “Choose cruelty free”, because you can just put the name of some brand and it will appear if the brand tests on animals.

Therefore, this information, you will be more conscious about what you are consuming.


The article above was edited by Carolina Rodrigues.

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Camilla Guerreiro

Casper Libero '24

Camilla is studying Journalism at Cásper Líbero. She is passionate about books, series, music and traveling.