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The Sad Story Of A Couple Who Will Spend Lovers’ Day Away From Their Lover Because Of The Pandemic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Lovers’ day is here and it’s time for couples to share their love with each other. For those who live together, there won’t be any problem with the celebration, but for those who don’t, there may be difficulties caused by the pandemic.

These hard times are affecting many relationships around the world. Distance, isolation, and coronavirus have made many people spend this lovely day apart. That’s the case of Yasmin and Saimon, who shared their sad story of this year’s Lovers’ Day.

A love journey

Their story begins in 2019, when they met at school and, just like the love stories of the digital era, they started texting and talking more until they fell in love. In December of that same year, they started dating. Unfortunately, in the next year, Yasmin had to change schools, which made them stop seeing each other that often, but they still dated and had a lot of fun when they were together.

Little did they know that March 16th would be the last time they would go on a date and sit on the same table at Starbucks having their usual drinks while talking. At the end of that same week, everything changed: the quarantine was decreed in São Paulo. Yasmin and Saimon didn’t know what was coming for them.

The pandemic turned everything upside down and, together with 15% of Brazilians, the unemployment and financial problems affected Yasmin’s family. Because of that, she had to move from her city and leave her love behind in April.

Living in Promissão, six hours away from her boyfriend, the new distance and isolation meant they couldn’t see each other, unless by video calls or text messages. The danger of infecting their families was their greatest fear, especially after Saimon’s father got really sick by contracting coronavirus.

Dealing with isolation

As the struggle continued, Yasmin’s mental health got extremely affected and Saimon has been supporting her through all of this. After eight months just seeing their lover’s face online, they finally met to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, but they got apart again.  Now, on Lover’s Day, they are still unable to see each other because of the risks of the pandemic.

Being almost 500km away is an obstacle to their relationship, such as their families, who have been showing less support since the start of the quarantine. On the other hand, Yasmin and Saimon see a future together. The internet has been helping the couple to stay connected and keep the passion sparkle alive.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Despite the lack of physical contact, on this Valentine’s Day, they’ll make the best online celeration possible. They really tried to make the face-to-face meeting happen, but it wasn’t possible. Besides the sadness and missing feelings, they will make phone calls and share their love using the internet and social media.

According to the vaccination plan in São Paulo, all the adult population will be immunized by October. If their families are vaccinated, they will be able to meet each other to celebrate Saimon’s birthday and the end of the pandemic, so they can surround themselves with lots of hugs, kisses and love.


The article above was edited by Bárbara Vetos.

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