Rock your Graduation...

Graduate life was long and tiring, but also, the best years of our lives. Now, it’s time to celebrate at graduation ball, which is just around the corner! And the first thing that comes up to our mind when the subject is formal balls is the dress we will be earing. So, there is no one else better than Taylor Swift to inspire us, since she wears the most beautiful red carpet dresses.

Taylor isn’t just a musical talent - the pop music icon stands out with her outfits, especially on the Red Carpet. At all the awards and events Taylor shows up... there’s no way: she becomes the attraction, once her productions are always perfect.

The singer’s style which some time ago was marked by romanticism and daintiness, nowadays has also a touch of dare which we can also find on her songs – better for us, since we have more options for inspiration. For Red Carpet, Taylor always chooses dresses from prestigious designers: Elie Saab, Gucci and Zuhair Murad are some of the names on her list. Now, her list is our inspiration.

Get inspired by Taylor!

1.     Luxury!!

Taylor’s beauty is undeniable, but with this embroidery dress by Zuhair Murad, all the Grammy’s glam was hers.

Embroidery dresses are always an option to celebrate graduation. Colors like gold gets you even more sophisticated… all the flashes on you!

2.     Colors, yes!



At the last Grammy Awards Taylor showed us that we can play with colors at the Red Carpet! The blue Elie Saab dress looks amazing with the pink sandals.

Colors represents happiness, the feeling everyone have during the prom. So, play with colors and get you and all the party even happier.


3.     Lady in Red

Red dress on the Red Carpet - obvious? Not for Taylor, who nailed this Elie Saab long red dress like a princess. It will work as good for you on your Graduation Party: the color is elegant and sophisticate. Besides, red matches all the skin tones.


4.      I’m glamorous!


Since it’s Red Carpet, there’s nothing better than shine. Taylor has rocked it a lot of times - this Gucci, for example, attracted all the spotlights.

The rule is: Shine! Shining dresses are an amazing option to prom and this Zuhair Murad is a great example for inspiration.

5.      So romantic

Elegance and romanticism summarizes this Jenny Peckham wonderful dress Taylor wore at the 46th CMA Awards.

If your style is more romantic, this Jenny Peckham is a perfect inspiration for you.