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With its strong identity and powerful cast, The Umbrella Academy leaves nothing to be desired in this second season. The comic book-based series has gained more and more success among young people, especially because of the construction of the characters, gifted with superpowers, and the apocalyptic theme that haunts them.

Swinging To The 60

The second season begins just as the previous one ends - that is, with Five (Aidan Gallagher) using his powers to teleport his brothers to another time and space, fleeing the apocalyptic destruction that his sister Vanya (Ellen Page) causes with her powers. The result of the time travel was not as the boy had planned, with each of the Hargreeves brothers going to different moments of the 1960s, but in the same place, in Dallas, United States.

With color changes and a 60's vibe, the series comes to life with more family unity and a faster process of demonstrating stories. Although they tell seven different stories full of flashbacks and different scenarios, the directors managed to work the plot very well, being cohesive and addictive at the same time.

Shortly after the news that the apocalypse has haunted them to their new timeline (the past), Five has the mission to bring everyone together and fight the end of the world again - not to mention that, at the same time, he has to deal with the Commission and The Handler (Kate Walsh).

Back To The Future

The script brings up many current issues such as sexism, racism, police violence and also portrays psychological issues, exploring each character with perfection and the well-told story, without gaps. Alison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), for example, joins a group in favor of civil rights for the black population and Vanya has a romantic affair with Sissy, a farmer, at a context in which homosexuality is seen as a disease and something unacceptable. This new life gives depth to the characteristics and personality of each sister.

For Klaus (Robert Sheehan), the comic relief of the show, the reality is different: he creates a cult, manipulating his followers with invented predictions, phrases and commandments. Along with him, his brother Ben (Justin Min) gains more prominence, advising, having greater dialogues and even possessing his brother at some point. 

For Luther (Tom Hopper), the second season was not his peak; in his new life, he is coast guard for Jack Ruby, the murderer of a suspect in the death of President John F. Kennedy. In addition to that, he had his moments of partnership and reconciliation with his brother Diego (David Castañeda). He is the one who, right at the beginning of the season, is interned in a hospice, where he ends up being friends with Lila (a key character in the series’ developments). The pair even finds, together, an opportune moment to flee from the institution in order to prevent the death of the president - which, because it has not happened yet, nobody believes.

Overall, the second season follows a different course than the first, and that’s not a bad thing. The characters are more active and their relationships are more profound, making the audience become attached and have their favorites. Another point to analyze the plot is by surrounding the new apocalypse: it was not the only difficult scenario for the characters, but also to the life they established in those years and how they can affect the future. Not to mention that the Council is a constant stumbling block, trying to fulfill its role: fixing the temporal anomalies that the Hargreeves cause.

The open points created last season are wonderfully closed and others are opened, therefore implying that a sequel is to come, showing that this powerful family of misfits is no small feat.


The article above was edited by Isabella Gemignani and translated by Giovanna Favero.

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