Review: “Nobody Is Listening” The 3rd Album From Zayn Malik

In the beginning of this year, on 15 January, the British singer Zayn Malik released his third studio album, named "Nobody is Listening". Composed with 11 songs, the project has 2 musical partnerships, with the singers Devlin and Syd, and also has composers like the famous singer Khalid, and a Brazilian called Henrique Andrade.

The album’s first track is something surprising and touching, with Zayn rapping, named "Calamity", similar to a poem where he speaks about anxiety. Followed by the lead single, "Better", the ex-One Direction brings a song with R&B rhythm and comforting, which commands the vibe of the album.

Since his first album, Mind Of Mine, brings mature and sexy compositions. But despite only the songs “Outside”, “Connexion”, “Unfuckwitable” e “Windowsill" have explicit words, there are still lyrics like "Sweat" where he brings words like “ it when I tear off your clothes/ Slowly steaming up the Windows.”, remembering old compositions like "Take It Off" and "Fingers".

Check out "Fingers", released in 2018.

It can be said that the album was a gift of honesty for his fans, who describe the work as "more personal project so far". Most part of the fandom thought that Zayn would take a time off from his last release, Icarus Falls, mainly because of the birth of his first daughter, Khai Hadid Malik. But he did the opposite, in the same month he did a brilliant “come back”, beginning a new era worthy of compliments and admiration.


The article above was edited by Marina Ponchio.

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