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For those who watched the first movie and fell in love, the second will make you even more in love. A Netflix's romantic comedy, The Kissing Booth, brings another chapter in the story of the protagonist Elle, her relationship with Noah and her friendships. However, this time it comes with a special touch: the university, the distance, more friendship and the kissing booth itself!



The plot

Based on the work “The Kissing Booth 2: Going The Distance” by Beth Reekles, the film continues to tell the story of Elle Evans, interpreted by Joey King and her boyfriend Noah, interpreted by Jacob Elordi, however, now they have to deal with a distance relarelationship. The context of this film continues Elle's story and her new challenges that she has in the last year of school, such as choosing a college.

The starting point of the story is based on the latest events in the first film, with Elle enjoying her summer vacation with her boyfriend before he went to Harvard and kept the relationship apart.In addition to dating, the film brings again the character's stories about friendship and choices, only this time with a lack of sincerity and communication  of everyone in the film that lead to a vicious cycle, as a revealed event leads to another consequence. This can give an air of mystery, doubts and conflicts between who is right and wrong in history.

Import discussions

In the middle of it, the film brings interesting points about the current reality that we must take into account, such as the stereotypes we create about certain people. In the case of The Kissing Booth 2, the character Marco, interpreted by Taylor Perez, is the most beautiful boy in the school, however, whoever watches it, does not find it all there. And not even Marco sees himself as all of that. The relationship of friendship (or a mild climate) between Elle and him leaves the audience more and more entertained in the story.

Without giving too much spoiler about the film, the ending of all of this history (clearly in the kissing booth) leaves an air of mystery. I can say that this film leaves some questions in the air, but it is worth watching to know more parts of this romantic comedy. The Netflix already confirmed the third film, that should premiere in 2021.


The article above was edited by Camila Nascimento.

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