Review Holidate: The Perfect Movie To Enjoy The End Of The Year

With the parties coming up, Netflix's streaming platform has released yet another film that promises to stand out: Holidate. The story of the film focuses on the life of Sloane, played by Emma Roberts, who is tired of being pressured by the family for being single and always appearing alone at parties and holidays. But a sudden change happens when she meets Jackson, a character from actor Luke Bracey, and makes an indecent proposal of him to be her "holidate". Check out a little more of what happens on each holiday covered by the film, but beware of spoilers!

  1. 1. Christmas

    The film begins with the lead actress in a climate similar to that of the grumpy Mr. Scrooge from the film A Christmas Carol. Her unconventional and indiscreet family, which guarantees a good laugh, fills her with questions about boyfriends and because all the important dates of the year she finds herself alone.

    As irritated as Sloan is, she only exchanges sarcastic phrases. But we all know that you don't need a man to have a good or successful life. Even so, Sloane's mother insists on this backward premise. Mainly with Aunt Susan taking a “holidate” at each festivity, a handsome man who accompanies you to parties and celebrations without commitment and your younger brother becomes engaged.

    On the other side of Chicago we have Jackson, a young boy who is spending a disastrous Christmas night with the parents of a girl who is going out just for the third time! After the Christmas catastrophe, Sloan and Jackson exchange their gifts and end up meeting each other in the checkout line. With the attendant's delay, they both tell about their disastrous holidays and how ridiculous they feel alone at family events. Then they enter into an agreement to be the "holidate" of each other.

  2. 2. New Year and Valentine's Day

    A few days pass and the turn of the year is approaching. With no plans for the big day, Sloane calls Jackson and they agree to go to a super party. With the right to change her dress, prominent dance and a slight accident, the idea of a companion starts to seem to work out. A great and interesting friendship, which works because of the chemistry between the actors, begins to emerge.

    Sad and depressed about spending Valentine's Day alone, Sloan goes shopping for sweets to drown his sorrows, and accidentally finds his ex-boyfriend, Luc, with his new partner. Ironically, destiny Jackson, his holidate, ends up saving her from the embarrassing situation and tries to cheer her up in the best possible way, officializing the holidate contract. However, both impose rules: without any kind of loving involvement, without judgments and without abandoning each other.


  3. 3. St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Mexican Party

    At a drinking party in celebration of St. Patrick day Sloane ends up meeting his brothers and introducing them to his holidate. With a more relaxed atmosphere, Easter arrives and Jackson goes to a Sloan family event. As much as the girl is very well accompanied, her mother tries to introduce her to her neighbor, which ends up not working.

    The duo is going to a Mexican party. With tequila and a lot of food the holidates begin to open up about their previous love lives. Stressed and full of embarrassing conversations they end up discounting the drink. The next day, without knowing much, the two in changed clothes end up discovering that they broke their first rule: without any kind of loving involvement. From that moment the couple's approach and chemistry became more evident, making the film even more interesting.

  4. 4. Independence Day

    When Independence Day arrives, Jackson already appears to be part of the family, which decides to travel during the holiday. With an environment full of fireworks, drinks and drugs something would have to go wrong! An unexpected event yields one of the best scene sequences of the movie. Many screams start to emerge and the women realize that Sloane's holidate had lost a finger. The desperate pair runs to take the severed finger to the hospital, expecting to put it in place.

    With the different climate since the Mexican party and the breaking of the first rule. Sloane and Jackson distance themselves and end up asking people close to them if they should go to the wedding together or separately. So both decide to go with other companions.

  5. 5. York's wedding and Halloween

    To the surprise of Sloan and the public, Jackson appears at the wedding with Aunt Susan. She went with the neighbor that her mother tried to approach her. At this point in the film it is obvious that there is a climate between the two, who end up reconciling and becoming "holidate" again.

    Halloween arrives and the fantasy decision is up to Jackson, so the couple goes dressed as a pirate. But Sloan finds Luc with his new girlfriend who is pregnant. Sad and with a stomachache it is Jackson's turn to save his partner. He takes her home, take care her and they fall asleep. The next morning, the duo gets carried away by the weather and the big deal goes down again! Afraid to end up heartbroken Sloane turns Jackson away and hides his feelings.

  6. 6. Thanksgiving and Christmas 

    As much as the weather is troubled between the two, Sloan is anxious to see the friend that she didn't meet in time. Exchanging sparks, while at the supermarket shopping at the request of Sloan's mother, the pair end up fighting and truths come to the fore. Jackson declares himself, but she represses her feelings even more and ends everything that was going on between them.

    Days pass and the girl realizes that she ended up spoiling the best thing that had happened to her in time. Sorry for his actions Sloane goes after Jackson, but it doesn't work out. A Christmas miracle happens: she ends up meeting her love at the mall, where it all started. She declaring herself to Jackson in front of everyone in a cute final scene, typical of a good romantic comedy.

    Holidate is a great launch of Netflix and it is worth watching. The movie is perfect for those who want to have fun at the end of the year and want to have a good laugh. Mainly if you like romance!


The article above was edited by Camila Nascimento

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