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Review: Fourth And Last Season Of “3%” (Netflix)

How far would you go for the causes you believe? Would you commit crimes? Would you cheat on your friends? Would you sacrifice yourself? The people you love? After three seasons following Michele (Bianca Comparato), Joana (Vaneza Oliveira), Rafael (Rodolfo Valente), and Marco (Rafael Lozano) answering these questions and making their decisions, the TV series “3 percent” (3%) finally comes into its end.

The past seasons

The first brazilian Netflix production (2016), was focused on showing a dystopian future where the world is divided in two: The Continent and The Offshore, where people´s objective is to get to the second one, known as the ideal part of the history, that belongs only to those who are “deservers” enough. In the third season we are all presented to the Shell too, a species of union of these two worlds inhabited by the main group and some people from the Continent.

The final season

The fourth and last season comes with the main group trying to destroy the Offshore and the beliefs that surround it once and for all, while their rivals try to get back their soldiers who got stuck in the Shell. The conflict of both sides’ ideals is more evident than ever as we see the quest to show pros and cons of believing in an extreme idea of whatever the cause you choose. 

Through all seasons we have the main group trying to change the reality of inequality and make the world good for everyone. Social criticism is present throughout the entire series and, with this fourth and last one being the most powerful at this point, 3 percent delivers a certain balance between people's beliefs and a great conclusion for the history presented, just as the main characters journey.

The series gets it right to show the depth and all lawyers of the characters. How everyone it's not just one thing, but composed of mistakes and hits. It makes us put ourselves in their places and think: “What would I do in this position?”. And in the end, it's not that different. The production is faithful to each one story, ending them pretty well, and giving the worthy they deserve.

Michele finally ends her cycle with her brother, Andre (Bruno Fagundes) in a kind of poetic way. Marco concludes his story with Álvare´s family in a spectacular scene of redemption and acceptance of who he really was. Joana, probably the most vulnerable one, seeking her origins, ends like the only character who doesn't face it after all, but it is almost like she does not need it to move on.

The closure we needed

The last episode, with more than an hour long, still brings back the ultimate test that defined the great new “commander”, going back to the first season of the series where the characters dispute getting to the Offshore. It was a good reference and good closure to the production just as for people who follow it through these four years. 

Even with some problems of “easy solutions” for a few issues they face in the series and dialogues that don't please sometimes, 3 percent achieve its objective in the finale: that there isn't a cause that is going to work a hundred percent for everyone, and the utopy of both sides it's not so easy to make it work.

The result it's not close to being an ideal world, but we have to continue having hope. As the Elis Regina song presented in the beautiful last scene says, “we all need to rejuvenate and the past it's a cloth that doesn't belong to us anymore”.


The article above was edited by Karen Oliveira.

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