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Review | “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”: Marvel Does It Right Again

Ok, I’d like to tell you right from the start that the opinion you’re about to read comes from someone who is completely in love with “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” - the new series produced by Disney+. After the success of Wandavision, the last Marvel's series before this one, it was The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s turn to arrive at Disney+ not only to continue the story of the title’s heroes, but mainly to carry forward Captain America’s legacy. 

"The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" was partially shot before the pandemic started, in October 2019 and, after a break, finished shooting near the end of October 2020. It finally came out in March 2021, after more than one year without any new Marvel content. 

The Marvel studios’ plan so far includes over 10 shows that will follow the stories of different MCU characters, some we already know, like Loki, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Ironheart and I Am Groot, for example. The amazing and unique part about these new Marvel series is that they are still connected to the movies and will play important parts in the future. Some of the shows we know about so far are: Loki, which will come out on June 11, Hawkeye, set to come out late this year that will follow Hawkeye after the events of Endgame training up Kate Bishop, that in the comics eventually takes the mantle of Hawkeye.

But let's talk about  "The Falcon and "The Winter Soldier", the first episode came out on March 19 and the following five episodes were coming out weekly.  When I started watching the show, each week it seemed that they had a new surprise for us, and I would be like “what the hell just happened?”. Since Wandavision, it had been a while since I had followed a show weekly, and, I forgot how it feels like and how it builds up the excitement for what's coming the next week!


Get to know the history 

I know it has been a while since we watched the last episode of "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier", so let's rewind what the show is about! But beware with the spoilers. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) presents Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) with his shield, at the end of Avengers: Endgame and asks him how he feels. “Like it belongs to someone else,” says Sam. At the beginning of the show, I was not surprised to see Sam giving over the shield to the government, just by the fact of what he said. After the blip we got to see how hard it was financially for Sam’s family. 

When we meet Karli Morgenthau, the leader of the anti-patriotism group the Flag Smashers, that are formed by super soldiers just like Bucky and Steve. She has causes that are noble, but was seen as villains because of the means that adopts to achieve this, such as killing- in my opinion she’s not completely wrong. She's fighting for her rights as a citizen, since the government doesn't do anything to help the people that need it. We also see how Bucky is struggling with his past, seeking to repair the evil he caused in his days as a HYDRA killer. 

After Sam gave the shield over, we saw John Walker that was chosen to be “the new Captain” completely destroy the legacy of Captain America. The fact the he used that shield to murder, makes me so mad, because one of the gratest thing about Steve Rogers is that he didn’t chose it to hurt people, but to protect people, defend them.

Amused participations

The show also has nice cameos that will amuse any Marvel fans, such as Zemo, from Captain America: Civil War, Sharon Carter, from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, James Rhodes, from Iron Man 2,3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Infinity War and Endgame and Ayo, from Black Panther. Another thing that I completely loved was Zemo on this show. Daniel Brühl's performance was awesome, he made us laugh and showed us so much more about his character. 

Amazing Duo

What I can tell you is that this show is worth watching. Sebastian and Anthony’s performances are amazing and it is so interesting to watch more of their story develop. Bucky’s dynamic with Sam is one of the high points of the plot, precisely by the way it evolves. Expected as a tribute to buddy cop type films - in which two completely different partners need to come together to solve a police case - this relationship goes beyond and gradually abandons the character "rivals who endure" to mature into a legitimate partnership, where each one cares about the pain and trauma of the other. 

As the episodes pass we see the relationship between them grow, where Bucky goes to Sam’s house to stay with his family for a while, and we see clearly how he feels at home with them and feels part of the family. I loved to see this duo working together, and made my heart warm, if I may say!

Racial debate

"What is the Journey of Being Black in America Through Time? Not even in the modern days, but in the 40’s, 50’s. It’s always been quite a different  journey, and this gets to be our interesting lens into that time and the character, which very much informs how people feel about race today.”, said Nate Moore, Executive Producer. 

Isaiah Bradley's (Carl Lumbly) participation expands on the racial debate in the times we’re living with riots and the movement Black Lives Matter, that we can see on the show in moments such as the bank loan refusal and the police approach motivated simply by the color of his skin. And we get to finally see Sam realizing that he deserves the right, has earned the right to be Captain America, that this has nothing to do with his race or history. 

In the end we finally see where Sharon Carter fits in all of this, right Power Broker? If you have watched the show you’ll understand what I’m talking about!! I believe that it will make so much difference to other people to see a Black Captain America, the world needs this, in the moment that we’re living it. So make yourself a favor, go over to Disney+ right now and make sure to enjoy this as much as I did.


The article above was edited by Camila Nascimento.

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