Review: “Control Z” First Season

Secrets... In high school, the secrets move the main wheels of conversation during the break. The coveted kid kissed someone at the weekend party, a fight between best friends and even confrontations between different classroom students: the truth is that everyone wants to know or tell something about someone. In the age of technology it is not very difficult every semester to appear a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account telling the main secrets of the school’s students, subjects that move so much the routine in the corridors and that, often, end up leading the parents to get involved in long meetings to find out who created the evil account. 

Who followed for six seasons the lives of the young people of Manhattan elite being commanded by the Gossip Girl knows well how the life of a teenager can change from water to wine in a matter of seconds - the time of a message. Released in May 22nd, the new Netflix series, Control Z, drinks from these waters to present in eight episodes the life of the so-called Generation Z in a Mexican college.

The routine of the young people of El Colegio Nacional is the same as ours, if we stop to think: wake up and run to the cell phone to know what we lost in that short period of time while we were sleeping. The route between home and school is done all the time with an eye on the phone enjoying photos on Instagram, venting on Twitter thinking that no one will read and updating that profile on Tinder. But everything changes when a hacker nicknamed, @_todostussecretos_ begins to divulge the darkest secrets of the most popular group of the high school, which causes a turnaround in the friendships in question. 

Who's behind that profile? How to stop this? These are the answers that the protagonist Sofía Herrera (Ana Valeria Becerril), who sets herself up as the opposite of popular, begins to investigate, until she begins to be blackmailed. She goes on to race against the clock to prevent the revelation of a secret that can affect her family relationships and, at the same time, wants to find out who is blackmailing her colleagues. The new student, Javier (Michael Ronda), son of a football celebrity, ends up helping Sofía in this quest. However, this good guy hides a secret that affected his life.

Three teenagers using a computer Netflix

Discussions that are currently on the agenda in our society are addressed during the season, such as transphobia, social prejudice and aggression - which is great, considering that this themes wasn’t on big screen for so long. However, the approach of each case has failed a little in its work. The secrets involving these themes that, even today, still being controversial in our society, are revealed and people hide them because they are judged. But, despite exploring these issues in depth, we do not have a thorough analysis of each case, which leaves lose points during the narrative. 

Even so, the series is a good choice for those who enjoy unraveling teenage mysteries. Not to mention that it brings a necessary visibility to the Latin American audiovisual! The series, that was written by Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi e Miguel García Moreno, has 8 episodes of approximately 40 minutes each. I'd say to separate a good night to marathon, because it's going to be hard to stop and leave it for later. The plot is very engaging and, with each new episode, you ask for more to know who is the hacker! Oh, and is good to remember that only one week after the release, Netflix has already renewed Control Z for a second season. So, if you’re looking for some lasting company, don’t lose time and go watch it!


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso

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