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For the music lovers, here’s a fresh new album that will make your ears feel blessed: Ashlyn. Ashe’s debut album has fourteen amazing tracks that will show any listener a new way of living. After the success of “Moral of the Story”, staying eight weeks on Billboard Canadian Hot 100, the artist concluded an entire album which promises lots of other top charts and prizes. 

Released on May 7th  of this year, it’s already gotten into the top 24 on US iTunes. Vibing into a pop genre, check out this review and run to listen to such fantastic songs!


Made during the pandemic, Ashe admitted that this whole album reflects about time. If it’s lost, spare, short, long, good or bad time, it doesn’t matter, but all of the songs have something to say about it. Creating something in a historic and horrible moment surely wasn’t easy, especially when it came to writing her feelings down and releasing it to the world, but she did a fantastic job.

The singer wanted us to understand, through her story, that all of the problems, at some point, will go away, and also make it very clear that whoever is listening should use their time wisely. Just like in the song “Kansas”: “it’s only a matter of time“.

She travels through this theme and delivers a great mix of her feelings for any listener to simply go along with her. Piano and guitar in the back, a lot of the power and sweetness of Ashe’s voice and great lyrics make a fantastic debut album. 

An album of her life 

The 28 year-old singer delivered not only music, but her soul in it. Talking about her divorce and old abusive relationship, which she’s still recovering from, the recent death of her brother, giving us “Ryne’s Song”, about being young and in love, also being in failed relationships, and about the fact that it’s ok to have all those feelings because she’s growing. Ashe gave us an extraordinary album containing tracks that make you feel connected to her and reflect about your life. Its name was decided as Ashlyn because there was no other possible way to describe this album other than hers, and only hers.

In an interview for People Magazine, she said that this is not an album for people to like or dislike, be a hit or not, it’s just about her and how she expressed herself through her music. With great collaborations, such as FINNEAS and Niall Horan, more incredible tracks were created. “Moral of the Story” and “Till Forever Falls Apart” are two of the greatest songs about love, produced in different ways, but connected with each other. 

Ashe also blows our minds with creative videoclips and her extraordinary dances that just fit in the whole song. The music video for “Me Without You” shows how much strength she needed to have to get out of her abusive marriage and the song, in a fun way, says something we all wish we could say to this kind of relationship: “go find yourself”. 

When you listen to this album, it’s almost guaranteed that the vibes of “Save Myself” and “I’m Fine” will live in your body, you will feel deeply in “Always”, “When I’m Older” and “Love Is Not Enough”, and obviously cry while listening to “Ryne’s Song”. Hitting records or not, this girl is wonderfully talented; Ashlyn is a masterpiece. 


The article above was edited by Laura Okida.

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