Ready For New Adventures In Hawkins? "Stranger Things 3" Review

The American science fiction and horror series, released in 2016, has been the target of criticism and nomination throughout its history. No wonder one of its nominations that attracted the most attention was Golden Globe's 2017 best drama series.

The plot that happens in 1980 brings incredibly popular elements that marked the time, such as the scenarios in which the characters are inserted: the mall, the arcade, cafeterias and cinemas with taste of nostalgia. Accompanied by a soundtrack that refers to the cultural traits and makes us travel in time.

The point is that in addition to the series taking a trip back in time and bringing together elements of drama, supernaturals, science fiction, horror and that typical teen love in just one story, it also surprised the audience by addressing issues of the time that still have repercussions currently.

Let’s start talking about female empowerment. Some scenes show us how the job market has always been a sexist place. We understand this when Nancy is constantly discredited by her boss and always treated as fragile. But, one more time, Nancy proved her capacity and impressed everyone in her action scenes with shadow monster.

Image Source: IMDb

We can’t forget to talk about Max and El’s friendship, the public was expecting for this relationship for so much time and the result is amazing: girls support girls!

Besides that, it’s important to reinforce the lesson about relationship with friends, family and dating that this season teaches us. When Mike and Eleven isolated themselves, some people like Max thought that was romantic, or bullshit, like Dustin. But the truth is: isolating yourself in a relationship is not healthy. It’s necessary to separate a time for every person in your life, your family, your friends. They are part of your life too.

Of course, it is indispensable to say that in Stranger Things 3 everyone has their own emotional battle, like Billy, that won the affection of the public because of his history. Appearances can be deceiving.

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To close this explanation, the coolest and most interesting in Stranger Things 3 is the representativeness. We have the first homosexual character confirmed in the TV show, Robin, a funny girl, who captured the public with her charisma and performance. Nobody was expecting for this. Sorry, Steve, it wasn’t this time!

Every season the series surpasses talking about important things nowadays with supernatural adventures, romance and lots of fun. What do you expect for the fourth season?