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RBD is back! Here are 15 songs to listen to while waiting for the reunion tour

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After the debut of the soap opera Rebelde, the band became a success with six teenage characters Mia Colucci, Roberta Pardo Rey, Lupita Fernadez, Miguel Arango, Diego Bustamante e Giovanni Mendes. The group kept going for five years on and off screen, accumulating fantastic albums and a legion of fans around the world, who after fifteen years of wait finally saw the band in action again.

The Soy Rebelde World Tour will take the interpreters of Rebelde‘s characters Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez and Christopher von Uckermann to perform shows in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Alfonso Herrera has informed that he doesn’t consider himself a singer, and therefore he will not be joining his former bandmates. 

In Brazil, we are waiting for the shows on November 10th and 11th in Rio de Janeiro, and November 12th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th in São Paulo. How can we control our excitement after waiting so long for this? Listening to those songs that warm the heart and give us that good nostalgia is a great way to do it. So, here are fifteen songs, one for each year of the hiatus, for you to listen!


The group’s first single was titled “Rebelde” like the album and the soap opera. It went on sale on September 30th, 2004, placing first on the Mexican charts. In 2005, the single received two Oye! Award nominations for video and song of the year. In 2006, the group performed it at the TVyNovelas Awards, when it won the trophy for best theme song. In the same year, the single was nominated for the Youth Award as the catchiest song. The song talks about all that is Rebeldes and gives us that pep to sing “Y soy rebelde…” out loud with the group.


RBD’s single “Sálvame” is the most listened-to song from the popular Latin pop group on streaming according to digital platform Deezer. Here, Anahi sings about the sorrow of moving on and trying to forget someone you love.

“Sólo Quédate En Silencio”

“Sólo quédate en silencio” or “Cinco Minutos” has received several awards from the music industry, and has also appeared in many music charts around the world. In Mexico, according to Amprofon, the song reached number one in the charts; in the United States, according to Billboard Magazine, the song made three charts: Latin Songs, Latin Pop Songs, and Latin Rhythm Airplay. The song makes you feel the pain of loving someone that has let you down and, in spite of you loving them, you have to leave.

“Este Corazón”

The song was released in March 2006 on Mexican radio stations, even though it was not officially released in the United States, it achieved Billboard Hot Latin Tracks hits at number 10. 

“Nuestro Amor”

“Nuestro Amor”, the first single, with the same name as the album, was released August 25th, 2005, used as the soundtrack for the second season of the soap opera Rebelde. The song became the second RBD single to reach the top ten of Billboard’s Latin chart in the US, reaching a peak of number 6 and becoming the album’s most successful song in the country.

“Asi soy yo”

“Asi Soy Yo” It’s about doing what you want when you want it, without being overwhelmed by those who try to control you. The song is loved by the fans to this day.


The song is an outburst about how hard it is to love someone, but to be afraid of getting hurt in a relationship.

“Una Canción”

“Una Canción” says exactly what we feel when we listen to the band. Christian Chavez sings about how it feels to be in love with someone and to dedicate his favorite song to that person.

“A Tu lado”

It’s for us to put our hand on our heart and let our voice out. The song tells us that, despite all the difficulties, there is always that one person who is worthwhile. 

“Ser o Parecer”

With hand on heart and singing loudly “Ser o Parecer” is about being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, but not giving up and trying every day to make that person pay attention to you and finally fall. 

“Un Poco de Tu Amor”

“Un Poco de Tu Amor” was released on July 4th, 2005 as one of the singles from the group’s first studio album. The song talks about how they are in love with a friend who has no idea and much less corresponds.

“Aún Hay Algo”

In 2006, the song won the award for catchiest at the Premios Juventud. It debuted and reached the 9th position on Billboard’s Latin pop songs chart and 24th on the Latin tracks chart.

“No pares”

“No Pares” is a single interpreted by Dulce María and is her favorite song in RBD’s repertoire, as she said in many interviews. Although she did not write the song, the lyrics that talk about having the courage to go after what you really want without letting anyone have the power to stop you, connect very much with what she believes in.

“Trás De Mi” 

“Trás De Mi” was released in 2006 and, although it doesn’t have a music video, it was a hit because fans identify with the lyrics, which talk about growing up, chasing freedom and your dreams.

“Otro día que va”

The song talks about the person you love giving you strength to live one day at a time.

The article above was written edited by Giulia Howard.

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