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RBD Back On Spotify in September, Why Are The Telenovela, The Band And Their Music Still So Popular To This Day?

On September 3rd, the Mexican band RBD were back on Spotify after a few ‘entrances’ and ‘exists’. Brazilian fans (including me) were really excited by the news and on Friday, one day after Spotify released all their albums, we put over 30 songs on the Top Brasil playlist! But do you know why all of this happened? Why are there so many people that love RBD so much? There’s some things that I think might be the answer to these questions. 

If you were a teenager or a kid when the telenovela was released (2004), I bet you wouldn’t miss any chapter of it. Roberta (Dulce María), Mia (Anahí), Lupita (Maite Perroni), Miguel (Alfonso Herrera), Giovanni (Christian Chávez) and Diego (Christopher Uckermann) conquered our hearts with all the drama on the telenovela. 

The story of Rebelde was about the lives of these six teenagers that formed a band and stuck together even after the end of the telenovela (2006). All of them studied in the same school, Elite Way School, and there is so much drama during the episodes, lots of romance and even mystery! The success of the band is because of how good they were when recording. The chemistry between all of them and the others of the cast was so good that made the telenovela memorable until today. 

Good Characters That Complete Each Other

The spoiled girl (Mia), the rebel one (Roberta) and the discrete one (Lupita) are characters so different and unique, but also if you take off one of them, the others can’t “survive” the action. And all of the girls that watched the telenovela had their favorite, because somehow the girl identified herself with the personality of the characters. 

The same thing happened with the boys, all of them have so different personalities that complete each other in the scene!

Social Criticism

Rebelde brings - after 14 years! - some issues that are still around our society, like feminism, fatphobia, abusive relationships, drugs, corruption, and other ones. The telenovela shows situations that we are still trying to figure out, and it was important showing that in a teenage TV program.

GRL PWR Characters

Like Alma and her daughter, Roberta. Both of them fight for what they believe. Roberta is “the rebel one” because she says what she wants and fights for what she wants!

The Miscellaneous Things That We Love

Cards, CDs, Albums, Photos, Magazines and even fake IDs with the name of the characters! Those things marked our child and teenage times. I remember that I used to play RBD cards with my friends on the school break, one day my teacher took the card from me and my friends, because we were playing in class (LOL).

I bet that if you were a big fan, you didn’t throw away your RBD magazines or your sticker albums, or your CDs! Yes, I bet that you keep them in your closet even after 14 years.

The Show Energy

They were so good in performances that I cried several times while watching. The connection and the joy are visible, so anyone can see how perfect they were together. They did that because they loved to do it.

The Songs Are Soooo Perfect!

If you don’t know who RBD is, please just take your phone and go to your favorite music player and LISTEN TO THE SONGS. Everyone of them says something we all go through at some time in our lives, and there will always be some of them that you will connect to. Enseñame, Sálvame, Sólo Quédate en Silencio, Que Hay Detras, Nuestro Amor… these are some of their songs, I don’t have a favorite, because I love all of them and now that they are on Spotify, I can listen to everyone one hundred times and remember the episodes.

The Sticky Song That Everyone Knows

“Y soy rebelde, cuando no sigo a los demás...” I believe it’s the best known chorus between those who were teenagers at that time. Everytime someone just said the word “Rebelde”, the other one continued with the song “y soy rebelde…”, joking around.

So, if you haven’t watched Rebelde yet, please, what are you waiting for?! There are several YouTube channels that have all the episodes. The image and sound quality isn’t the best, but you can ignore it.

Rebelde marked a whole generation. And I’m happy to be part of it.


The article above was edited by Anna Bastos.

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