“Quicksand”: The New Netflix Series You Should Watch Now!

Quicksand (Störst av allt) is the first Swedish original Netflix series, released on April 5th. It is based on a book by Malin Persson Giolito and the adaptation was made by Camilla Ahlgren.

A shooting happens on a high school in Djursholm, Stockholm. Maja Norberg (Hannah Ardéhn) is found without any reaction, covered by blood on her body and clothes, and her classmates are bloody. When she was inside the ambulance, she asks “Is everyone dead?”. After doing some exams, she is arrested, accused of being an accomplice on the murder.

During the six episodes, we watch some flashbacks to understand what happened until the shooting day. Until the last episode, we are still not sure if Maja is guilty or innocent and that is what makes the series so addictive.

The theme is very sensitive in Brazil, and in the world, considering what happened this year in Suzano and, unfortunately, also happen around the world.

Image Source: IMDb

When watching the series, we can find some guidelines, such as:

1. Sebastian and his father’s relationship

His father doesn’t care about him, he is never at home and Sebastian tries to get some love and attention from him. He doesn’t educate Sebastian, he just despises.

2. Maja and Sebastian’s abusive relationship

In the beginning of their relationship everything is so beautiful and they live an amazing life together, but during the series we see Sebastian assaulting and raping Maja. Her behavior changes a lot as her relationship worsens.

3. Immigrants in Europe

There is a lot of xenophobia in Europe, and it is also portrayed in the TV show.

4. Media channels helping to form opinions

We don’t know if Maja is guilty or innocent, but all the media channels in Sweden accused Maja of murderess without knowing the real truth. They just accused her, and all the country spread hate on her.

5. Stereotypes

The only immigrant is ashamed of his family, origins, and the only black man sells drugs.

6. Series name

By watching the series, it is clear that the name “Quicksand” is a metaphor for how fast things can change.

Besides the excellent performances, the scenography is also something to be amazed. While the scenes are happening in the jail and in the court, everything is darker, showing a lifeless air, but when the flashbacks are happening, the scene is brighter, showing Maja’s lush life.