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girl with arms open in nature
girl with arms open in nature
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The Power of Crystals and Stones in Human Energy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Crystals and stones are some of nature’s most primitive elements that we are aware of and, like all light, materials and primitive feelings, they are very rich sources of the purest energy present on Earth. This energy emanating from minerals is extremely beneficial and harmonic, it can be used in therapies, rituals or just in our daily lives, whether in jewelry or on our study desks.

Each crystal and stone has its own purpose and meaning, being able to help in the protection, cleanliness, spiritual elevation, attraction of prosperity and health among many other ways to energize the body, mind and the environment that they are in.

If you like and want to add these minerals for your daily life, today we bring you a guide with the four most important information when buying and taking care of it. Check out!

The Choice

As we already said, each crystal and stone attracts a different energy and the choice should vary a lot between what your goals are with that purchase. However, if you don’t know where to start, choose one that cleans and another that energizes the environment you are. For these functions, amethyst and emerald are widely used. The first one has a very strong spiritual force, clearing negative energies, attracting protection and keeping the mind focused. The second one, on the other hand, has a great capacity for harmonization, which brings positive energies to the environment. 

There are several other minerals with very strong energizing properties with a wide variety of colors, shapes and prices.

To help you choose, we have put together a list of some stones and crystals and their meanings.

Rose Quartz: this crystal attracts great joy, peace and love for our own life, improving family and loving relationships and purifying the energies of the environment where it is.

Black Tourmaline: highly powerful protection stone, blocking negative energies. Physically speaking, it protects our spine.

Selenite: if you want to work on your spiritual side, this is one of the best crystals. It protects us in dreams, eases the contact with our spiritual guides and cleanses the energies.

Amazonite: this is the stone that attracts good luck to the environment, opening paths and helping our mental abilities. its property for our physical body is able to help those who have osteoporosis.

Citrine: it’s a crystal with a strong power to attract prosperity and increase our strength. Physically, it helps in digestion and digestive problems.

Tiger’s Eye: known as a very powerful protective talisman, it neutralizes all negative energies, in addition to strengthening personal talents.

Onyx: this is the stone of personal power, which helps us to organize and achieve our goals, overcoming fears.

Pyrite: works as a talisman of prosperity and success, attracting good things, new opportunities and financial gains.

Fluorite: crystal of personal shine. It transforms the energies attracting success, personal power and keeping the mind strengthened.

Moonstone: highly spiritual and works hard on women’s health. This stone has a strong attraction power, increasing personal magnetism and psychic abilities, especially on women.

Sunstone: powerful as the sun, it attracts vitality, rejuvenates, attracts good luck, cleanses the energies and also helps in the fight against depression.

The purchase

This is a topic that deserves a lot of attention and care! In recent times, it is possible to find crystals and stones in many places. If you live in a busy place like São Paulo, for example, each street has a stall selling. But, many of these places actually sell counterfeit versions of the minerals, which completely misses the purpose of the purchase, right? Often, what you are seeing is just a piece of acrylic very well worked and dyed.

So, if you still don’t have so much experience and wouldn’t know how to identify a fake version, the best option is to go to stores specializing in crystals and stones, where the sellers themselves can help you with the meanings and care of the purchase. With a quick internet search, finding the right and reliable places is easy.

The cleaning  

Before starting to use it, it’s very important to clean and energize your crystals and stones because they have already had contact with other people and environments. This process is not at all complicated and works with most minerals: just wash with running water, give a coarse salt bath and put it somewhere where it will have contact with sunlight and moon for a day.

But, not all stones can go through this process due to their more porous composition or even due to their color. In such cases, it’s always important to listen to the recommendations of the person who helped you with the purchase!

In any case, a common tip that we find on the internet is the use of the selenite stick, which works by approximation. Just place this stick very close to your minerals and let it act for a day that the cleaning of energies is guaranteed.

The use

After all these processes, is show time! You can use your crystals and stones where you prefer, taking only a few precautions if you choose to leave them on your body. Some stones, such as black tourmaline, have the power to isolate energies, which can affect your relationship with people. So, if you want to have a source of protection with you to go through some situation or place, put it in your pocket and, once you’re done, store it in another space.


The article above was edited by Thays Avila.

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