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Play Like A Girl: Meet Natasha Rodrigues, Who Won A HP De Ouro Prize

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

HP de ouro is a new event at Casper Libero that rewards students who has excelled at the sport they play. This year, on February 8th, the first edition of the celebration happened and hosted athletes from every modality of the college. One of the categories competing was The Best New Female Athlete at Field Football that was won by Natasha Rodrigues.

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Talking to Her Campus, Natasha said that she would never imagine be nominated for a prize like that and was really happy about it. On the day of the awards, she wasn’t in Brazil and got the news by a phone call from a friend: ‘’I was competing with a lot of excellent girls and didn’t expect to win. It was an honor’’.

Natasha is a very communicate and fun person. As hobby, she likes to go to parties, watch TV shows, listen to Ariana Grande, collect Funkos and practice the sport on Sundays. She told us that she started playing football at school, at the age of seven, in the frontline. But soon realized her passion as goalkeeper. Since then, she never stopped practicing and, last year, joined on the Cásper Líbero team.  

However, the difficulties of being a woman at sports are real. According to our interviewee, people don’t usually take girls seriously in many things but mainly in sports: “It is a challenge but I think you have to ignore what society thinks and focus on doing what you like to do the most, even if people don’t value you’’. Natasha doesn’t want to be only an example, but wants to encourage other girls to “Play Like a Girl” just like her!

Nicoly Bastos

Casper Libero '22

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