A Piece of Clothing that Each Comms Major Needs in Their Life

Journalism - The Black Blazer

Journalists are not exactly known for a dress code. In fact, casual can pretty much sum it up their style. However, every once in awhile, when meeting an important personality or simply running an errand, it is good to look poised and put together and nothing can do this than a black blazer.

Public Relations - The Pantsuit

CEO, CFO, Heads of this and Heads of that, Journalists and Press Officer, a public relations life goes from talking to high level people to their intern, so it is great to have their outfit on point just in case. Small reminder that public relations are the worst case scenario specialist, therefore if there is a go-to outfit, than they are the ones wearing it.

Radio, TV and Internet - The Killer Shoes

Running down the studio, shouting with the camera man, directing actors and a lot of different jobs requires for the Radio and TV major to have a comfortable and yet nice outfit in order to fit his environment and facilitate his interaction on set. Fashion and Comfy shoes are great for that!

Publicity & Propaganda - The Statement Necklace

Publicity is all about creativity and personality. There more colorful and bold you are, the more you stand out. An impactful statement necklace is both elegant as it is sharp.