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From The Office To The Happy Hour: 5 Style Tips To Work And Have Fun

Are you the one who likes to go out with friends on a Friday night after work? If the answer is “yes”, may you often think twice because you’re too lazy to think of any other more comfortable and fun outfit to enjoy the night. Today we are going to talk about five ideas that you can use to optimize your time and wears the same outfit from the desk to the happy hour. Let’s go!

1. Long dress with flip-flops

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A good option for the summer, with hotter days and cooler nights, is to wear a long dress, which can have various patterns and colors. To maintain comfort and elegance, nothing is better than flip-flops to finish the composition.

2. Knee length shorts with a blazer

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A knee length shorts, combined with a white shirt, blazer and accessories like maxi necklace and earrings, is a great alternative to putting on a stripped-down look for a working and fun Friday.

3. Match a midi skirt with sneakers

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Another stripped-down and comfortable option is matching a midi skirt with T-shirt and sneakers. It is a look that stays super actual and you can vary in several ways. The most recent bets are with pleated skirt and t-shirt tied with a knot.

4. Dress with jeans jacket or vest

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If you are a fan of shorter dresses, bet on composing a look with jeans jackets or vests. Besides being quite elegant, it is a good option for days with the most unstable weather. You will be beautiful!

5. All Jeans

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A classic that combines with almost every kind of environment: invest in all jeans. You can mix trousers with a shirt, dress, skirts and T-shirts and, moreover, this look goes with all kinds of shoes, from the sneakers to the high heels.

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