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“Nosso Sonho”: Get To Know The History Of ‘Claudinho & Buchecha’ In This New Movie

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The biographical film Nosso Sonho about the musical duo Claudinho and Buchecha, directed by Eduardo Albergaria, was released on September 21, 2023.

The plot narrates, from Buchecha’s perspective, the rise of one of the most famous duos in Brazilian funk, composed of Cláudio Rodrigues (Claudinho), portrayed by Lucas Penteado, and Claudirlei de Sousa (Buchecha), portrayed by Juan Paiva.

While recounting the story, Buchecha emphasizes the strong friendship he built with Claudinho during their childhood in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. For years and due to various reasons, the friends lose touch, but they reunite when Buchecha moves to Salgueiro, also in Rio, and encounters Claudinho once again.

The friendship is rekindled, and this is where the experiences of the duo at the city’s funk parties begin. It’s during one of these events that Claudinho suggests forming the duo, giving birth to Claudinho & Buchecha.

“EU NÃO EXISTO LONGE DE VOCÊ”: Sensitivity, Partnership, and Mourning Define the Narrative

Buchecha’s narration breathes life into the duo’s story, and he emphasizes that his relationship with Claudinho went beyond the professional realm — they considered each other brothers.

Buchecha recounts how Claudinho stood by his side through every moment, overcoming difficulties and even personal issues, such as his troubled relationship with his father, Souza (Nando Cunha).

The determination and talent of both propelled them to the pinnacle of Brazilian Funk. Yet, it’s evident in the narrative how the support of family and friends played a crucial role in their success. This unity is present one last time in the duo’s story, during Claudinho’s passing.


  • In the film, Buchecha initially resists Claudinho’s suggestion to form the duo, emphasizing that a musician needs talent, and he doesn’t see himself that way. In real life, before becoming a singer alongside Claudinho, Buchecha was part of a pagode (Brazilian music genre) group called Raio de Luz.
  • The duo didn’t initially like or intend to perform the hit song Fico assim sem você”. They thought it was a silly song. However, in the film, Claudinho insists to Buchecha that the song is good and that they should sing it because it has the potential to become a hit.
  • One fact mentioned in the film is Claudinho’s reluctance to do the final performance. In an interview with UOL’s Otalab, Buchecha explains that Claudinho went to the last show with his own car and assistant, which struck Buchecha as odd. He planned to ask his friend about it the next day, but it was too late. 
  • On July 13, 2002, Claudinho passed away.


On September 5, Nosso Sonho was among the six pre-selected films to represent Brazil and compete in the Best International Film category at the 2024 Oscars, but it ultimately wasn’t chosen.

In an interview with Contigo! magazine, actor Reinaldo Junior, who plays Duarte, Buchecha’s cousin in the film, expresses his disappointment about the film being overlooked for the award. He emphasizes that the film captured a unique moment in the history of Brazilian funk and the representation it contained, especially considering that the majority of the cast is composed of black actors.

“The film ‘Nosso Sonho’ is representative because it speaks our truth. Therefore, it’s regrettable that the Brazilian Academy didn’t choose ‘Nosso Sonho’ to represent Brazil abroad, since Brazil feels represented by the film’s story”, the actor reveals to the magazine.


With the release of the film, Claudinho & Buchecha continue to thrive in playlists, on radio stations, and even on social media platforms like TikTok, where recent successes of the duo, like the song “Our Dream,” have gone viral. Some of Claudinho & Buchecha’s biggest hits mentioned in the film that recall the duo’s success are:

  • “Fico assim sem você”
  • “Quero te encontrar”
  • “Rap do Salgueiro”
  • “Só Love”
  • “Nosso sonho”

The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo.

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