A Netflix's Rom-Com About Friendship And Growth: Why You Should Watch "Someone Great"

On April 19th, a new rom-com came out on Netflix – you can watch the trailer here – and you’ve probably heard of it already, especially because of the amazing cast. Gina Rodriguez plays Jenny, an aspiring music journalist that just got her dream job at Rolling Stone, which means she has to move from New York to San Francisco. Her boyfriend, Nate (Lakeith Stanfield), decides to break up their nine-year relationship with the excuse that dating from long-distance wouldn’t work.

Jenny feels devastated, but, thankfully, she has some amazing friends that can make – or try to make – her feel better. Erin (DeWanda Wise) and Blair (Brittany Snow) join her on a last adventure as a way to get her away from her problems and have fun as a trio one last time before Jenny moves away.

Image Source: IMDb

But there’s no doubt that Erin and Blair are also having problems of their own, and while they’re attempting to deal with those, plus helping Jenny try to forget Nate, the story happens. Made within a mixture between scenes in the present and flashbacks, “Someone Great” takes you along Jenny and Nate’s relationship, through the good and the bad moments as well as shows the girls’ friendship and how they end up dealing with every situation.

The three girls go out on a journey to get tickets for a music festival in which a band that reminds them of easier and nostalgic times is going to play at. And, quick disclaimer! There are some sex scenes, drugs use and lots of swearing, so be aware of that before watching.

Overall, the movie, directed and written by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, is refreshing because, besides showing different kinds of relationships, some that work and some that don’t, the most important aspect of it is the friendship between the three girls.

The story puts aside and in perspective their different personalities to built one only narrative connecting all of them. While one is wilder and is afraid of having a relationship, another has a calm temper and is really determined, being engaged with her work and having a plan that involves marriage and kids in a near future. Lastly, one of them is passionate about her work and her ex and also excited but scared of her new job and future.

Image Source: IMDb

With the flashbacks from Jenny’s memory, the movie takes you through the path of a cliche rom-com, girl meets boy and they fall in love. However Something Great happens after that, when the relationship is over and the protagonist has to deal with the “failure”. The movie is mostly about getting over and moving on with your life. It’s about remembering the good and bad of the years you spent with someone and cherishing all of it, accepting that it was part of your life, part of you.

But during the present time, it shows what happens after the fairytale, when a relationship stops working for some reason and, in this case, the girl deals with all the changes happening around her with the help of her friends, who are also trying to settle their own issues.

Someone Great” is a movie about love, loss, friendship, and most importantly, growth. And it’s definitely worth watching, not only for the lessons or for the simple feeling of pleasure but to see the chemistry between Gina, DeWanda and Brittany shine onscreen. Oh, and let’s not forget, the amazing appearance of RuPaul, definitely one of the funniest cameos in the movie!