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Our nails says a lot about us. The different shapes, sizes and colors reveal a part of our personality. If you love taking care of yours, you are reading the right post! We will show you some precious tips. 
A good way to take care of them is to use nourishing creams. Nowadays we can find this kind of product in different formats (paste, pen, cream…).
“The best way is to push the cuticles with a spatula, removing only the leftovers”, says Katia Girotto – nail designer.
Sanding your nails allows you to give them a shape. There are different possibilities:
You can also use a polish file to give your nails a last look. It removes bumps, gives shine and polish. It must be a weekly ritual. With this practice, your nails will always be healthy, strong and uniform.
Besides a healthy diet rich in calcium, vitamin A and proteins, a good tip to have strong nails is to use nail strengthener products. 
Don’t forget: it must be used before you apply the nail polish.
There are a few products that help us to manicure and to maintain our nails. The Extra Shine gives a layer of protection that contributes to the nail polish stay longer. It intensifies the color, besides giving shine. Quick dry products are also a good choice to the distractible girls. 
Sometimes we are out of home and we face with ‘nails trouble’: a broken nail or a nail polish peeling. The market offers some products for these moments. 
A great tip is to carry them in your bag. Little and cute nail files, hand cream to have soft and smooth skin, pen cuticle moisturizer and wipe nail polish remover make the nail care more fun and easy. 
Another good tip is to have at your home some products that make the nail care easier.  
For last hour commitments, the self-adhesive nail is the best option. It’s available in different colors, sizes and shapes. 
If you don’t have much time to paint your nails or to glue some false nails, you can just remove the old color with and Express Remover. Made of sponge soaked in remover with format that fits the finger, it provides a quick solution for the hasty days. And if yours is finishing, you can put just more remover and it’s new!
A pen remover is a great way to clean your fingers after painting nails.
Nail polishes with metallic effects are a must-have for this winter.
Navy blue and grey are going to blow up. Dark shades and stiletto shape are a good choice to rock this season. 
Risqué’s website provides a nail polish simulator. There you can test different colors and its effects according to your skin tone: http://www.risque.com.br/simulador.php#/mao-01/nude/cappuccino 
Have you ever seen nail polish in spray? 
The English brand Nails Inc launched a spray that facilitates the removal of enamel which is around the nail. It can be removed with water!
Unfortunately, the product is not available in Brazil yet, but we are hoping it comes soon. 
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Publicity student, fashion lover, and huge fan of beauty stuff. Cásper Líbero’s Chapter contributor, and lipstick addicted. She’s the kind of girl who memorizes the names of nailpolishes, and is fascinated by perfume bottles . She belives that beauty is about acceptance. Belives that beauty is a state of mind, and she also belives it’s about looking for the good in the world.
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