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Musical Throwback: these 10 songs are turning 10 in 2023 and you should add them back to your playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Do you remember what was happening in the music world ten years ago? Some artists were just starting out, others coming back, but all of them were bringing songs that definitely marked that time. Could 2013 be the year of popstars? Today we brought some tracks that you may not remember, but will want back on the top of your playlist.

1- Best Song Ever – One Direction

Would it be the best song of 2013? “Best Song Ever” is one of the singles from Midnight Memories, One Direction’s third studio album. This work brings the authenticity of the boy-band, since it was at this point that they started to write their own songs and bring out their own experiences.

“Best Song Ever” talks about dancing all night and how that night will never be forgotten. Besides the incredible lyrics, the music video was also a success, being directed by James Corden, comedian and friend of the band. The song reached No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100, and it still is a hit with fans. In 2020, the song came back and went viral on TikTok with the choreography made by the boys on the MV.

“Best Song Ever”, by One Direction

2- Counting Stars – OneRepublic

“Everything that kills me makes me feel alive”

The song is the third single from OneRepublic’s album Native, also being the most successful one. The project brings the idea of each member of the band being different, and which one of them is represented by an animal on the cover.

“Counting Stars” describes the feeling of daydreaming a relationship and all that could be experienced. The music video brings a wild aesthetic and the song was a total success, reaching No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100. To this day, the hit still is remembered and acclaimed.

“Counting Stars”, by OneRepublic

3- Roar – Katy Perry

After the great success of Teenage Dream, Katy Perry returns with PRISM, her fourth studio album. Filled with the aesthetic of a female empowerment, “Roar” perfectly embodies that as the first single from the record.

The song expresses Katy’s feelings, as if now she could speak for herself, like a great roar. The music video was hugely applauded for the creativity and authenticity, like the singer roaring at a lion. “Roar” sold millions of copies, was announced as a Diamond song by the Recording Industry Association of America and was nominated for the Grammys as Song of the Year.

“Roar”, by Katy Perry

4- Cups – Anna Kendrick

The music performed by the famous actress Anna Kendrick took shape through the musical comedy Pitch Perfect. In the movie, the character Beca goes to an audition and uses a cup and her beautiful voice to make history.

The song talks about how much the girl will be missed when she leaves. But it called attention for the choreography created with the cups, like in the movie, which consists of rhythm and harmony. “Cups” peaked No.6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was Anna’s first hit.

“Cups”, by Anna Kendrick

5- 22 – Taylor Swift

Are you turning 22 this year? 22 is the fourth single from the album Red, written by singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. In this record, Taylor exposes her feelings through the color red, as it embodies the sensation of an intense love that you could never forget.

The song expresses what it’s like to be 22 years old, it’s about being “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time”. The music video, which was directed by the singer, feels like you’re at Taylor’s birthday party. It was a hit between the fans, and it also opens up space for all those who complete the age of 22. The track occupied the No.20 on Billboard Hot 100, right behind the last singles from the artist’s album.

“22”, by Taylor Swift

6- Come & Get It – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s debut has been making an impact. The single “Come & Get It” is part of Stars Dance, the first studio album by the actress and singer in her solo career.

The song talks about an unfinished and, somehow, troubled love. It received sixth place on the Billboard Hot 100 and won the award for Best Pop Video at the VMA.

“Come & Get It”, by Selena Gomez

7- Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

After taking some time away from the spotlight and rumors about relationships, Miley Cyrus returned with her controversial single for the album Bangerz. The record is, in fact, characterized as wild.

There are speculations that the song would be for Miley’s ex-fiance, but nothing has actually been confirmed. “Wrecking Ball” reached No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 after the release of the music video, in which Miley is literally breaking everything. The track also won the VMA for Video of the Year.

“Wrecking Ball”, by Miley Cyrus

8- Replay – Zendaya

Did you know that Zendaya is also a singer? Yes! Her first and only studio album, self-titled, brings the iconic single “Replay”. The actress even went on tour with the record.

In an interview for Radio Disney, Zendaya defined the style of the song as R&B. The music video features a dance choreographed by Ian Eastwood. It was No.40 on the Billboard Hot 100, and had a big audience in Australia.

“Replay”, by Zendaya

9- Rude – MAGIC!

“Rude” is the first single from the band MAGIC! with their debut album, Don’t Kill the Magic. The reggae band was very welcomed, selling 36.000 copies of the record in the first week of release.

“Rude” talks about a guy trying to get the girl he is in love with, but her father is blocking the relationship and being mean about it. Like the album, the song was a total success among listeners, reaching No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Rude”, by MAGIC!

10- Burn – Ellie Goulding

The song became a single from Ellie Goulding’s second album, Halcyon, which topped the UK Charts for weeks. The singer was the protagonist of some tv shows, like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, mainly with “Burn”.

The music was the owner of the radios for months, talking about burning all places with love. Consisting of an addictive rhythm, “Burn” reached No.1 on the UK Singles Chart and No.13 on Billboard Hot 100.

“Burn”, by Ellie Goulding
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The article above was edited by Juliana Sanches.

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