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Movies Snubbed By Oscars 2022 You Should Definitely Watch

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Year by year we get caught by movies totally snubbed by Oscars, either not appearing in any category, or not appearing in enough ones. One thing is for sure: the Academy will never recognize all the movies that deserve an award.

The following are descriptions of five films that were snubbed by the Oscars 2022 but certainly deserve your attention.

1. House of Gucci

Opening  the list, we have “House of Gucci”, directed by Ridley Scott, a British film producer. The film stars very relevant actors, such as Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Letto and Al Pacino. The plot is based on the story of Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga), the daughter of an upper middle- class Family and Maurizio Gucci’s wife at the time. Maurizio (Adam Driver) is a member of the Gucci Family, guccio gucci’s grandson, founder of the italian designer brand. 

Despite the film being nominated in the “Makeup and Hairstyling” category, the Oscars did not meet the “Actress in a Leading Role ”, “Actor in a Supporting Role” and “Best Picture” categories expectations. Lady Gaga’s work interpreting Patrizia was fabulously extravagant as it should be. The actress dedicated herself completely to the role and worked faithfully in the construction of the character, which set tongues wagging. 

Besides Gaga, another actor who caught the eye was Jared Leto, who looked almost unrecognizable as Paolo Gucci, Maurizio’s cousin. Leto’s transformation was surprising and commented on by everyone who watched the movie. The narrative is very well produced and faithfully portrays the history of the Gucci family and the advancement of the brand. 

The work shows that no matter how hard Patrizia tries, she would never become an official member of one of Europe’s biggest luxury brands. In addition, Reggiani’s ambition and the way she becomes corrupted by wealth is another aspect portrayed very well.

2. Bergman´s island

The second work to join the list is “Bergman’s Island,” directed by Mia Hansen Love. The narrative, as cliché as it may sound, is told in an atypical and unusual way where reality and fiction are mixed. 

The movie is about the characters Tony (Tim Roth) and Chris (Vicky Krieps), a couple of filmmakers who decide to spend the summer on Faro Island, where the filmmaker Ingmar Bergman lived and produced most of his films – in order to be inspired by the tranquility and curiosities of the place. Tony already has a critically acclaimed film, however, Chris still has many doubts about her work and she fiounds herself in the process of creating a new narrative.

There is a strong presence of metalanguage in the film as Chris creates a script that reflects on her relationship with her husband. There is fiction within fiction. By watching the movie, it is possible to observe how personal experiences interfere in the creation of a work.

3. Cruella

Cruella, directed by Craig Gillespie, deals with the story of one of Disney’s most famous villains. The film was nominated for “Costume Design” and “Makeup and Hairstyling” categories, which are very well done and impressive. 

However, although the protagonist Emma Stone did an excellent and admirable job playing Estella (Cruella), there was no Oscar nomination for “Actress in a leading role” categoryie. The character has a very attractive personality, she is a determined, creative woman, and there is definitely something exciting about the way she is, which is portrayed very well by Emma. That is what makes the viewers love her and create a certain affinity with Cruella.

 The film was also not nominated for a “Best Picture” Oscar. Until now, Cruella was approached lightly and not in a very deep way, as the fashionable villain in the 101 Dalmatians children’s movies, but in this production, in which the narrative breaks with Disney standards, she is much more of a heroine than a villain. In this work, Cruella is the dark and vengeful side of Stella, a young girl enchanted by the world of fashion. The story breaks with what is normally expected from a Disney film and the result is surprising. 

4. Spider-man: no way home

Also on the list is Spider-man: no way home. There was a campaign made by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures to support the movie in order to get another MCU Best Picture nomination. Unfortunately, the campaign was not successful. The Academy did not recognize the movie as worthy of a nomination but, on the other hand, it is a fact that the film was a success at the box office and movie theaters. 

It was very well acclaimed by the public, a victory commercially and a record-breaker. It is definitely worth watching and those who have been following the spider-man movies since 2002 will certainly be thrilled. The narrative is full of surprises and excitement. To make things better, we have Tom Holland (Spider-man) and Zendaya (Mary Jane) working together as a couple, not only in the movie but in real life too, which made the fans anxious. 

There are a lot of scenes that will blow your mind and certainly drive movie theaters crazy. There is nothing better than watching a movie in a contagious atmosphere, is there?

5. Passing

To close out the list, we have “passing,” a Netflix movie directed by Rebecca Hall. The story takes place in the 1920s, in New York City. During the narrative we come across the different customs of the time and some absurdities that would be unimaginable today. 

The protagonist, Irene Redfield, is a black woman who lives in a predominantly white neighborhood in the city. Watching the movie it is interesting to observe the way black people were treated and inserted into society. Comparing it to the present day, it is surreal to think that this was once the reality to which black people were subjected. Besides, we can understand the historical factor as one of the reasons for the presence of racism today. The film portrays the way the characters dealt with the social conventions of that time and the discrimination, which is considered absurd nowadays. Because it is an important theme and because it causes reflection, the film should receive greater recognition from the academy.

Finally, if you have not seen any of these movies my advice is that you should definitely watch them. Each story deals with a different subject in different ways, but regardless, they are all very well produced and worthy!


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