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Mother’s Day: Get to know 5 Tiktok moms and their experience in mothering

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Mother´s Day is just around the corner. To celebrate this special holiday we separated five TikTok moms to warm our hearts a little bit. These mothers go from women in straight relationships to women in LGBGTQIA+ ones. They also live in different places and work in many fields, but there is one thing they have in common: they all love to share their routines with their child on the internet.

Here are five mom influencers that you should know:

Abbie Herbert (@abbieherbert)

Abbie Herbert has more than 15 million followers on TikTok. She was born in the USA and started her family in 2021, when she welcomed her first kid. Abby is known for her eccentric taste in baby names – her daughter’s name is Poppy – and it is something very discussed on the app. 


THE LAST PHOTO 😂 I think we are gonna have a tall king in the family 🤭 such a big boy

♬ som original – SUZY SANTOS

She posts about her daily life and funny moments with her kids, and she also shares tips with other parents. 



♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show
Ebony & Denise (@team2moms)  

These two moms are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. They post videos about raising their child in an inclusive environment by being a queer couple. On their profile, you can find videos of all kinds, from funny to informative, and also some dances. 


When they call us “Mom,” then it gets confusing. 😆 Hit the like button for Jayden! #trend #ilike

♬ I Like – Guy

Their family comprises two moms and three kids – such a fun and agitated house to live in – and we got to see when they welcomed one of their kids. 


“This is simple!” – says a 5 year old. 🥹♥️ #trend #mostviewed

♬ original sound – Ebony & Denise

LJ shares many tips on being a first-time mom. But she got viral with prank videos involving her babies. 

She has the cutest two kids – one boy and one girl – and it is so entertaining to watch their routine. She shows her audience that being a mom can be light and fun but also extremely committed. 

Emily Jeanne (@emilyjeanne333)

Emily is from Illinois and she is a wholesome mother. She is a stay-at-home mom and posts every kind of content: preschool snacks, kid places reviews, toys, dances, and of course, her housewife routine. 

She even was on the Drew Barrymore Show and this little moment made the internet go crazy. Her sweet personality made Drew instantly match her energy- such an incredible moment.


Thank you @drewbarrymore for having me on the @thedrewbarrymoreshow i hopemour paths cross again one day ❤️#drewbarrymore #drewbarrymoreshow #surprise #tvappearance

♬ original sound – Emilyjeanne333


Taylor Sellars (@taylorsellars)

Taylor was a teen mom and she shared her experience of being such a young mother and her dating life being a single woman with a kid. 

She is not a teen anymore, and it is a really heartwarming feeling to see how much she conquered and how she has blossomed. 

We hope these influencers made you look with another perspective on motherhood and especially this Mother’s Month. 

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