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More than the “Nonsense” outros: your complete guide to Sabrina Carpenter in advance for The Eras Tour

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Sabrina Carpenter has been a popstar ever since her Disney years, however, in 2023, her career reached the next level seeing that she is the opening act of one of the biggest tours happening at the moment, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour.

Because of that, you may know some of her songs or at least the iconic Nonsense outros, which she changes from show to show and have become viral on social media. But Sabrina had hits and mind blowing albums in her 12-year career.

With that in mind, here is your complete guide to Sabrina Carpenter.

Eyes Wide Open (2015)

Sabrina´s debut album came out when she was just 16 years old and it is well known to those who were Disney fans.

At this point in her acting career, she was starring in the hit TV show Girl Meets World. Because of that, Disney Channel often promoted her singles.

The album contains 12 tracks, mixing different styles of pop, acoustic and a little bit of country. Sabrina talks about young love and her journey growing up as a teen star.

My top 5: Too Young, We’ll Be the Stars, Seamless, Darling I’m a Mess & Eyes Wide Open 

Evolution (2016)

Just a year after her debut, Sabrina released her second studio album, Evolution, and even though that is a short time, the singer managed to mature her voice and the topics covered.

Evolution focuses on a deeper layer of love and also touches on various aspects of society, using mostly dance pop to do it.

My top 5: On Purpose, Thumbs, Feels Like Loneliness, Run and Hide & Shadows

Singular: Act I (2018)

After leaving Disney, Sabrina focused a lot on her musical career, and released her third studio album in 2018. 

In the album booklet, Sabrina described her expectations for the record: “ I hope that you’ll listen. I hope that you’ll dance. I hope that you’ll fall in love with who you are”. 

This pop masterpiece not only has many hits, but it also surprised many by including Sabrina’s long time best friend, actress Joey King, in the Sue Me music video.

My top 5: Paris, Bad Time, Sue Me, Almost Love & Diamonds Are Forever

Singular: Act II (2019)

And if we had an Act I, we needed an Act II, right? And Sabrina did not disappoint in her second part of Singular.

The singer decided to divide Singular in two parts due to the thematic and lyrical differences. This album, released in 2019, mixes pop with R&B elements and shows a more vulnerable side of Sabrina, with songs about anxiety and self reflection, but also has a fun side.

My top 5: Looking At Me, I’m Faking, Take Off All Your Cool, Exhale & Pushing 20

Emails I Can’t Send (2022)

Since Singular: Act II, Sabrina’s life has shifted completely. She changed her record label (entering Island Records, known for signing Shawn Mendes), has been a part of multiple polemics involving a love triangle, got canceled for a while, and somehow managed to release one of her best albums. 

Emails I Can’t Send, her fifth studio album, mixes a lot of vulnerability with fun rhythms that make you want to dance and cry at the same time.  The singer talks about falling in love, breaking up, issues in her family and being canceled.

Sabrina was recently on tour, promoting this last album, and she became viral for personalizing each show, making every one of them a unique experience. Her song Nonsense, is one of the most memorable, and that is because in every performance she creates different outros for it.

This record also has a deluxe version (emails i can’t send fwd:) that was released in 2023, including four extra tracks, opposite, Feather, lonesome and things I wish you said.

My top 5: decode, emails I can’t send, Read your Mind, because i liked a boy & opposite

The Eras Tour (2023/2024)

Since her last album, Sabrina has been busy touring with Taylor Swift. The two singers have recently started the cutest friendship, making Taylor invite her to open her international shows.

And if you want to prepare for this unforgettable experience, here is the complete setlist for Sabrina’s performance.

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The article above was edited by Juliana Sanches.

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